Review Policy

Blogging is something that I started to do because I enjoy reading and talking about the things I read. In no way is my blog a ‘job’ or something I get paid for. I started checking out other blogs and loved what they were writing about. I decided that is something I would love to do, and so I did!

I would love to accept books to review! Most of the books that I do review now are ones that I have bought, borrowed, and won. When I review, I am giving my honest opinion of the book. Because a good majority of books I review are ones that I obtain on my own, I usually only post about a book if I thought it was a decent read. If a book is sent for me to review, I will post my honest opinion, whether it is positive or negative.

When I am choosing a book, I usually look at reviews to decide whether the story is for me. As a teen, I think it is important for people my age to get their voice heard. All of the books I read are young adult, and I prefer reading a review from a peer instead from someone older than me. And because of that, I always put my thoughts out there in my own way. I do not believe reviews need to be perfectly and intricately written to persuade a reader.

Genres I am looking for:

Any Young Adult title is fine. My favorite genre is fantasy/paranormal, but I am up for anything. Since I have become a book blogger, I have widened my horizons a lot and I am always looking for new material.

I am also willing to review titles in the New Adult category.

Right now, I do not read any adult fiction. I do read middle grade, but it is not something I pick up everyday.

Blog Stats: I currently have 87+ email subscribers with about 25+ hits a day.

Please go here to contact me.

**As of right now, I am not accepting review requests.


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