Movie Thoughts: City of Bones

[WARNING – There are spoilers if you have not yet read the book.]

If you are an avid YA book reader, I’m sure you have heard of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. If not, then I do not consider you an avid YA book reader. Still, I’m sure you’ve heard that The City of Bones was just released in movie form on Wednesday. (And yes, City of Bones is originally a book.)

I became a fan of the series back in 2008, back when I was an 8th grader. Five years later, I’m heading into college and this novel is finally a movie. My first reaction: YEAHHH; my second reaction: I really hope they don’t screw it up.

Well, I went to see City of Bones Wednesday night with two of my friends – one of which happens to love that series to death, and the other one who enjoys it, but not as much as I do. Three different girls – who like the series on different levels – all went to see the movie, and had similar reactions.

Here are my thoughts:

On the Actors:

Honestly, I wasn’t too sure about Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace. I never pictured him as Jace; I still didn’t see him as Jace walking into that movie theater. But, I’m glad to say that I thought wrong. Not only does his voice scream JACEWAYLAND to me, the way he moves is pretty Jace-ish (he has the Jace swagger).

To continue, I love Lily Collins as Clary. Lily is absolutely gorgeous, and even though she is older, I think she can play the part of a 17 year old well. I was very happy with her performance as Clary.

I also think the actors for Simon and Isabelle portrayed the characters well. The one character that I couldn’t get intp was Alec, played by Kevin Zegers. Alec is supposed to be 18, and I just think Kevin Zegers looks way too old to play Alec…

On the book-to-movie adaptation:

I haven’t read the book in a while, therefore I wasn’t too critical about the way the movie turned out. The movie includes important scenes and memorable quotes from the book, which I was very happy about. But the way the scenes appear in the movie are not in the order that they appear in the book.

There are many parts of the storyline that are changed to fit the ‘movie appeal.’ Some of the changes annoyed me, and some of them didn’t. For example, the whole plot twist of the book (when Jace and Clary find out that they are supposedly siblings) is introduced in a way that is creative for a movie, but nowhere near how it is done the book. Also, some of the movie has awkward pacing and flow. There’s a scene in the movie where Clary goes to see Magnus Bane for information, and it is paced really weirdly and rushed.

The way Valentine looks also really bothered my friends and I. Yes, he’s attractive, but he has the sleezybadguy look going on. They give him braids and dark hair…just no. (Valentine is supposed to have white-blonde hair, by the way.) We all agree that Valentine was given the typical villain look, and the fact that they did that is disappointing, since he isn’t supposed to physically appear that way.

Also, I think the action scenes are done well. They’re exciting and really bring all of the detail from the book to life.

And the CGI for the demons are also pretty scary. They freaked me out! Which is good, since they’re supposed to do that.

Other comments:

What really confused me is the accents that some of the characters have. When is Jace supposed to have an accent? Or Isabelle, or Jocelyn? And why does Isabelle have an accent, when her brother Alec, does not? It wasn’t a major concern for me while watching the movie; I’m just curious to know why the directors decided on accents.

In the end…

I thought the movie was decent. No, it does not match up with the book 100%. And yes, I still think the book is a lot better. But would I go see it again? Yeah. I think it’s worth seeing if you’re a fan of the books. If you haven’t yet read the books, I think watching this movie is going to be really confusing, but enticing since it leaves you on a cliff hanger.

Last but not least, THE GREEN HOUSE SCENE. IT WAS AMAZING. And Jace & Clary’s kiss? Absolutely perfect.

Have you guys seen City of Bones? Thoughts?


Books to Movies

Last month, I went to see the final installment of the Twilight series. Let me tell you, those movies ended with a bang. I will forever be a fan of the books and the movies, and I’m so happy that it ended really well.

But before the movie, I sat through the previews as usual. Except these previews were really familiar. Really familiar. As in, I already knew the story plots. When these scenes started to play before me, I completely freaked out. Then I spent the next fifteen minutes playing guess-the-book-to-movie-trailer. It was fun.

And I want to share these trailers with you! Although I’m excited to see books brought to life, I’m also a little wary. But you guys should decide for yourselves:

The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Guys, I’m SO excited for every single one. Still, the books are always better (;

Movie Thoughts: Monte Carlo


 A young woman, her uptight step sister and her best friend use their savings for a long anticipated dream trip to Paris, which turns out to be a big disappointment. When they decide to take a break from their lousy tour and duck into the lobby of a luxury hotel, one of them is mistaken for a spoiled British heiress. Before they get the chance to reveal their true identities they are wrapped up in misadventures during a vacation to Monte Carlo instead. (From IMDB written by Fox 2000 Pictures).

I didn’t know this but apparently this movie is loosely based off of the novel Headhunters by Jules Bass. And I mean loosely. If I had read the book I wouldn’t have known Monte Carlo was based off of it.

My friend and I thought this movie would be a knock off of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. It wasn’t but it could be mistaken as the same thing. I love Selena Gomez and was excited to see the movie even though I hadn’t planned on going to see it. I’m very glad I saw it, though. It’s full of life, love and dreams come true. This movie was fun to see and just makes your day (:

With less than two hours of screen time I found the plot to flow really smoothly. There were no awkward scene jumps and it wasn’t hard to follow what was going on. The character development for the three protagonists (Grace, Emma and Meg) is also shown well. I don’t think this movie is the best I’ve seen but it’s worth it.

I feel people my age and younger (well, girls really) will enjoy this movie.  It makes you dream of the possibilities. It makes you wish for the same romance. It makes you smile. If you thought about going to see Monte Carlo go and do so!

Movie Suggestion: Schindler’s List

I know for a fact that the second a few people see the title of this post, they will break into laughter… *cough* Yeah I’m talking about you Katy & Lisa. Why are they laughing, may you ask?! Well it’s because last week my Power, Prejudice & Intolerance class finished watching the movie Schindler’s List. After, I could NOT STOP talking about it. It’s actually sad how much I told my friends how much they had to see this movie.

Summary (taken from “In Poland during World War II, Oskar Schindler gradually becomes concerned for his Jewish workforce after witnessing their persecution by the Nazis.” It’s based on the true story of a man name Oskar Schindler who did go to great lengths to save the workers in his factory.

To me, one of the most interesting events in History is the Holocaust. Yes, it’s horrible. But it fascinates me how far one man could go and brainwash thousands to believe the Jewish people were nothing. It disturbs me. But still, I cannot keep myself from wanting to know more. My PP&I class started our lesson on the Holocaust and the teacher said that this movie was something we had to see since we are were on the subject.

Schindler’s List is PHENOMENAL. I swear it felt like I was in the concentration camps with all the Jewish people. Steven Spielberg did a great job on this movie. What’s even more amazing is that this happened in real life. God bless Oskar Schindler. He was someone who stood up when no one else would! Seriously, go watch this movie. NOW. Here’s a trailer:

**Also, this is YA book blog and I am a teen but this movie is rated R. So you might want to see if your parents would allow you to watch the movie if you are underage.

Ramona and Beezus Movie Review

Ramona and Beezus Movie Review

On Tuesday, I was one of the lucky kids who got to go to an advanced screening of Ramona and Beezus! I also got to meet the stars, so it was pretty awesome! This book is for kids, and even though all of my friend’s have read this book, I have not. So I can’t compare the movie to the book.

Ramona (Joey King) and Beezus (Selena Gomez) are your average sisters. Throughout the movie, I kept thinking that I would do the exact same thing to my younger sister in the situation they were in. Ramona is a creative, energetic 9-year-old who doesn’t let other people get in her way. When she wants to get to a goal, she’s going to accomplish it. She imagines things wilder, scarier, and funnier than they are in real life. Beezus is your average teen who makes fun of her siblings and wants to fit in and be seen by the cute boy (Henry). And gosh, is Henry cuteee!

The plot of the movie is really good. It’s cliché, but there were things that I didn’t expect to happen. But when you put it in the POV of a 9 year old, it gets interesting. This is pretty much Ramona’s story of what happens when her father loses his job while no one understands her. Joey King is a new comer, and I think she does a fabulous job! I give this movie 5 star!

And here’s Hutch Dano (Henry). Henry plays Beezus’ love interest. My friend’s and I were lucky enough to run into him in the theater ❤