Fantasy Cast: Peeta Mellark

If you follow me on Twitter you might notice how I tweet about celebrities more than books…Well, most of the time.

Yesterday I tweeted about a live chat I was watching by an artist I recently got into. While watching this live chat I had a realization that kinda went like this: “OH MY GOD HE COULD PLAY PEETA.” Of course he isn’t going to really play Peeta, but I can dream! If I could cast Peeta, I would so cast this guy.

I bet you’re all wondering who said guy is, right?!

Jimmy Robbins

Jimmy Robbins is a 21-year-old artist from North Carolina. I was actually lucky enough to see him in concert and meet him a few weeks ago. His music is pop/acoustic and he really is a sweet guy. I say he could make a good Peeta because he has blond hair and blue eyes. Yeah, he’s older. Yeah, he’s a singer. But it’s my fantasy casting xD



Hit or Miss?! Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think! Who would you want to play Peeta?!


Fantasy Cast for Sleepless

I think I might be the first one to post a fantasy cast for Sleepless by Cyn Balog. It actually took me a while to cast parts because the characters are nothing like the actors and actresses I am familiar with. But I did it! Hopefully those of you who have also read the book can approve!

Molly Quinn as Julia Devine
Red hair and is said to be beautiful.

Molly’s hair is more of an orange than a red, but I can see her as Julia. I think she is really pretty and can do a pretty good job. The most recent thing she has been in is Avalon High on Disney channel. Molly is 17 when Julia is 16, so the ages are close enough.

 Nick Jonas as Eron De Marchelle
He is Italian and died at the age of 17. He is not used to the current customs and is truly a sweet person.

Some of you must be groaning because he is a Jonas Brother. But really, you have to give him a chance. I find him gorgeous, and Eron is supposed to be good-looking. Also Nick is Italian and is a super sweet person. Plus, he is 18, a year older than 17 year-old Eron !

Matthew Underwood as Griffin Colburn
He is supposed to have wild orange hair and is the same age as Julia. Kind of a bully and doesn’t take things seriously.


He played Logan on Zoey 101. So I know he can play a bossy character. Also he has curly hair. The only issue is that he is 20 and I couldn’t really find a recent picture of him…

Jake Abel as  Bret Anderson
Griffin’s best friend. Wants to get with Julia now that Griffin is gone. Same agae as Griffin & Julia.

I feel bad because for the two things I am most familiar that he is in, he plays bad guys. And I’m afraid I just casted him for another mean person. Haha sorry Jake. Even at 23, he still looks like a teenage. And for some reason I can see him and Matthew Underwood being best friends for parts. Plus, there is more to Bret but you are gonna have to read to find out !

Taylor Swift as Chimere
I wanna say that she is the sandmen’s ‘boss,’ or at least someone like it. I know that she is gorgeous and inhuman.

I don’t remember an actual description of Chimere, but I picture her being blond. And Taylor Swift is gorgeous! She is an enchanting person that I wouldn’t be surprised if she was inhuman.

Did you guys like or dislike my casting?! Either way, I would love to see one of Cyn’s novels turned into a movie. Haha it would make my day if these people were cast!  Leave your thoughts below!