Book Expo of America – Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the first day of Book Expo of America; I would say it was pretty enjoyable…

Before the exhibit hall opened.

Before the exhibit hall opened.

Since I come from New Jersey, I had to get up at five in the morning to get ready and take the bus in with my dad (he works in the city). I arrived at the Javits Center around

eight, got my press badge and then walked around. Even though it was eight in the morning, you could feel the excited buzz in the atmosphere. Let me tell you – that excited buzz is the best feeling.

At nine, I met up with my friend Michael. He and I actually met through Penguin Publishing three years ago. When we get the chance, we attend all things books together; and what other even would be better than BEA itself?

Michael & I

Michael & I

Right after that we got on line for Diana Peterfreund’s signing for her new novel Across a Star-Swept Sea. Diana was pretty cool, sporting a head band with a boat on it. I actually didn’t realize, but I saw her before the exhibit hall opened. Not only was that my first time meeting Diana, but it was also the first time ever holding one of her books. I’ve heard great things about her stuff, so I’m excited to read Across a Star-Swept Sea.

Diana Peterfreund signing.

Diana Peterfreund signing.

After, we just wandered through the different companies and publishers. Neither of us came with a plan for day, which meant that we just had to wing it. We checked out all of the more well-known publishers, especially Penguin, because honestly, we consider that our publisher since we are part of their teen research group. No worry though, because we did check out all of the booths. And when I say all the booths, I mean all the booths.



While doing so, I spoke to a few marketing and media coordinators and they were all very friendly and helpful. The two publishers that stood out to me were Omnific and David R. Godine. Before yesterday, I had never heard of David R. Godine publishing. I have heard of Omnific, though. Fun fact: a fan fiction called Boycotts & Barflies that was once very popular on was published by Omnific. I actually saw the book Boycotts & Barflies by Victoria Michaels on the table, and that was the reason I stopped. Omnific is a pretty cool publishing house that focuses on romance. One of the coordinators explained their genre with the words “if Harlequin publishes it, we don’t.” This means that they don’t publish novels that fall into the cliché romance category. I found out about some of their books, and I have to agree with that quote; their stories sound unique and apart of the clichés of the romance genre.

David R. Godine publishing

David R. Godine publishing

Throughout the day, I also managed to meet a few other authors: Andrea Cremer, David Levithan, James L. Sutter and James Dashner. It was my second time meeting Andrea Cremer and James Dashner; the first time hearing about James L. Sutter; and my first time meeting David Levithan. Honestly, the highlight of my day was meeting David Levithan. I am a huge fan of his novels and I’m very excited to read Invisibility (it’s co-written with Andrea Cremer).

David Levithan signing Invisibility

David Levithan signing Invisibility

I also chatted with other bloggers. Last year, I met Shanese from The Bo0ki3, and I was able to see her again this year. On line, I spoke to the father of Emily Trunko, from On Emily’s Bookshelf and learned about this thirteen years old YA blogger who made it to BEA. I also met Alison Stover from Alison Can Read because we both spelled our names the same way! Last but not least, I met the West brothers from Novel Thoughts. I’m a fan of their blog and I kept seeing them everywhere and decided to introduce myself. Not gonna lie, they’re pretty awesome.

All of the books I picked up

All of the books I picked up

All in all, I had a wonderful time. No, I didn’t pick up as many books as years past, but I don’t mind. By not going in with any plans this year, I think I was able to enjoy myself more because I took the time to experience it all. I’m thankful for being able to attend BEA 2013. If you get the chance, go! It’s now open to the public, and will be next year too!


Book Expo of America

Book Expo of America. Also known as BEA.

Yes that is right, I will be attending the Book Expo of America this summer. I am very happy to say that this is my third year in a row that I am going to the largest publishing conference in North America held at the Javits Center in Manhattan.

Now what is BEA, you ask? It is everything and anything in the book world! Imagine a very large convention center in New York City. Now imagine every single person that deals with books: publishers, buyers, marketers, authors, editors, reviewers and all those people in between. Lastly, throw in books, signings, books, swag, books, and more books! Book Expo of America not only has what’s is in in the book world, it also has the scoop on everything up and coming in the book world!

How awesome does that sound?!

Guess what?! 2013 is the first year that BEA is opened to the public! Yes, you heard me correctly. Check out all of the information on their website here!

Although I always told myself I would try and make it three days, unfortunately I cannot this year due to school. I will be going Thursday, May 30th and will be there all day. Seriously, if you recognize me, please come up to me and say hello! [Don’t worry, I don’t bite.] Even if you’re scared to do walk up to some random stranger, you to come say hi; I dare you.


This is what I look like. Come say hi!

In past years: I’ve met some of my favorite authors; talked to some wonderful people in the publishing industry; and not only spent the day with friends, but have made friends with other bloggers. Who knows what this year will bring, but I’m excited!

My Day at BEA

On Tuesday, June 6th, I was lucky enough to attend the wonderful Book Expo America that is hosted at the Javits Center in New York City. Again, BEA is “the leading North American publishing event that brings you what’s new and what’s next in book publishing.” And dang, did it bring us what’s new and what’s next!

That day I got up bright and early to head over to the Javits Center. The place opened up at 9 A.M., but I got there right before it opened to check in and put my luggage in the coat check. There were lines of people just waiting for the expo to open. There were a ton of people, which was expected, but it still awed me that so many people were brought together though the power of books.

My tag from BEA! I felt pretty professional wearing this. (It also included my city and state, but I removed that in this picture.)

This year, I went to BEA by myself. I didn’t know how that was going to go, so I went in with my head held high and just went with it. I went up and down the aisles, making my way through the different publishers, taking everything in. Technically, I’m no longer a newbie that this because I’ve been to BEA before, but it’s all still overwhelming and amazing. I found out about a few publishers I’ve never heard of before, one of them being Galaxy Press. One of the representatives of Galaxy Press stopped me while I made one of my rounds and we started to talk. Galaxy Press is reprinting books by L. Ron Hubbard, which came out in the 1930s, and includes all the original artwork that was published with the original stories. She introduced me to her company and also let me listen to part of one of their audio books. Their audio books sound like old-time radios, and it was pretty cool to listen to something out of my generation.

The publisher signs that became very familiar throughout the day.

Around 10-ish I got in line for a book signing and ended up talking to the people in line with me. I instantly connected with another blogger, Shanese from The Bo0ki3. Although neither of us ended up getting the book we were in line for, we ended up spending the whole day together. She’s pretty awesome, and if you haven’t heard of her blog before I suggest you go and check it out.

Shanese from The Bo0ki3 and I!

I met some pretty awesome authors, such as Julie Kagawa, Rachel Vincent, Maria V. Snyder, Aimee Carter, Melissa Marr and M.T. Anderson. When I met Aimee Carter, she asked me the title of my blog and when I told her she replied, “I’ve heard that name before.” You should have seen the smile on my face. My blog is pretty small and not as significant as the hundreds of others out there, so I was surprised that an author knew about me! It was very, very cool to hear that from her (:

Rachel Vincent’s autograph in V.1 of Soul Screamers!

Last year, I heard stories of rude and disrespectful people at BEA. However, I didn’t experience anyone like that the first time I went to BEA. This year, though, I did. Maybe it was the amazingness of the first-time experience of BEA and all, but I cannot believe I did not realize the rudeness in front of me. Although a lot of people acted professional, a lot of people also did not. People pushed and shoved past to get copies of ARCs and I also saw many take multiple copies of galleys. I ended up with two copies of one book on accident because one of the representatives handed me a copy when I went back to the booth, and I had forgotten I had already grabbed it. I feel kinda bad about it, too. But it wasn’t just bloggers that acted this way. I’ve heard that bloggers get a bad rep for acting this way, but plenty of other people who were educators, librarians, etc. acted this way. I don’t care who you are, you should act courteous and at least some-what professional at an event like this.

Overall, I had a great time. I was able to get pretty awesome books and meet some pretty awesome people. I also found out about some new upcoming releases that will definitely be instant hits. The one thing I remember the most is how happy publishers were to talk to a blogger. A lot of them asked about my blog and offered me copies of books, catalogues and information. It’s really nice to know that publishers do in fact like book bloggers; it’s even nicer to know they’d help in almost any way.

All of the books I received on Tuesday (:

Book Expo of America is honestly every book lover’s dream. I only went one day, but you can imagine how much I wanted to go the two other days when NYC is only an hour and a half away. I’m thankful I got to experience this event a second year in a row and I hope to have the chance to go next year!

I’m Going to BEA!

Hey guys! How are all of you?

This year has really flown by; can you believe that half of 2012 is almost over? I believe it, but at the same time it amazes me that all that time has passed by. It’s weird to think that In a couple of weeks I’ll be a senior in high school…

This post is just a little update to tell you guys that I’m going to Book Expo of America. What exactly is Book Expo of America you may ask? According to the BEA website, BEA is “the leading North American publishing event that brings you what’s new and what’s next in book publishing.” Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Because I’ll be skipping school, I’m only going one day, which happens to be Tuesday. (Only two more days!) I’m excited, but a little nervous because I’ll be attending BEA by myself this year; hopefully I’m not too awkward.

Last year, I was given the wonderful opportunity to attend and this year, I’ve again been given the chance to go. A few weeks ago, my decision to attend was wavering back and forth due to the school work I’d be missing and the fact that I’d be by my lonesome. But then I thought, “Why should I pass another moment like this up?” BEA is a wonderful experience- especially for a teenager like me-and so I decided that I shouldn’t miss out.

Last year, I attended with a friend and her mom and we had a blast exploring the world of the book industry; this year, my goal is to experience everything. The three of us just made our way through it all without having a set list of things to do or attend. This year, I want to experience every part of BEA, which includes things like hearing the new ideas and plans for future things, attending question and answer sessions with my favorite authors, and meeting some new people who are immersed in the publishing world. I’ve made my list of things I’m going to  and go to. As a blogger of two years, instead of one, I’m going into this BEA with a different view than the view I had a year ago.

If you are also going to the Javits the same day I happen to be going, please don’t hesitate to say hello. I want to meet as many bloggers there as I can! I’m excited, but I’m more thankful for the second opportunity. I promise to post about my adventure of BEA in the upcoming week and tell you all about it. If you’re going, I hope to see you there!