Book Expo of America – Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the first day of Book Expo of America; I would say it was pretty enjoyable…

Before the exhibit hall opened.

Before the exhibit hall opened.

Since I come from New Jersey, I had to get up at five in the morning to get ready and take the bus in with my dad (he works in the city). I arrived at the Javits Center around

eight, got my press badge and then walked around. Even though it was eight in the morning, you could feel the excited buzz in the atmosphere. Let me tell you – that excited buzz is the best feeling.

At nine, I met up with my friend Michael. He and I actually met through Penguin Publishing three years ago. When we get the chance, we attend all things books together; and what other even would be better than BEA itself?

Michael & I

Michael & I

Right after that we got on line for Diana Peterfreund’s signing for her new novel Across a Star-Swept Sea. Diana was pretty cool, sporting a head band with a boat on it. I actually didn’t realize, but I saw her before the exhibit hall opened. Not only was that my first time meeting Diana, but it was also the first time ever holding one of her books. I’ve heard great things about her stuff, so I’m excited to read Across a Star-Swept Sea.

Diana Peterfreund signing.

Diana Peterfreund signing.

After, we just wandered through the different companies and publishers. Neither of us came with a plan for day, which meant that we just had to wing it. We checked out all of the more well-known publishers, especially Penguin, because honestly, we consider that our publisher since we are part of their teen research group. No worry though, because we did check out all of the booths. And when I say all the booths, I mean all the booths.



While doing so, I spoke to a few marketing and media coordinators and they were all very friendly and helpful. The two publishers that stood out to me were Omnific and David R. Godine. Before yesterday, I had never heard of David R. Godine publishing. I have heard of Omnific, though. Fun fact: a fan fiction called Boycotts & Barflies that was once very popular on was published by Omnific. I actually saw the book Boycotts & Barflies by Victoria Michaels on the table, and that was the reason I stopped. Omnific is a pretty cool publishing house that focuses on romance. One of the coordinators explained their genre with the words “if Harlequin publishes it, we don’t.” This means that they don’t publish novels that fall into the cliché romance category. I found out about some of their books, and I have to agree with that quote; their stories sound unique and apart of the clichés of the romance genre.

David R. Godine publishing

David R. Godine publishing

Throughout the day, I also managed to meet a few other authors: Andrea Cremer, David Levithan, James L. Sutter and James Dashner. It was my second time meeting Andrea Cremer and James Dashner; the first time hearing about James L. Sutter; and my first time meeting David Levithan. Honestly, the highlight of my day was meeting David Levithan. I am a huge fan of his novels and I’m very excited to read Invisibility (it’s co-written with Andrea Cremer).

David Levithan signing Invisibility

David Levithan signing Invisibility

I also chatted with other bloggers. Last year, I met Shanese from The Bo0ki3, and I was able to see her again this year. On line, I spoke to the father of Emily Trunko, from On Emily’s Bookshelf and learned about this thirteen years old YA blogger who made it to BEA. I also met Alison Stover from Alison Can Read because we both spelled our names the same way! Last but not least, I met the West brothers from Novel Thoughts. I’m a fan of their blog and I kept seeing them everywhere and decided to introduce myself. Not gonna lie, they’re pretty awesome.

All of the books I picked up

All of the books I picked up

All in all, I had a wonderful time. No, I didn’t pick up as many books as years past, but I don’t mind. By not going in with any plans this year, I think I was able to enjoy myself more because I took the time to experience it all. I’m thankful for being able to attend BEA 2013. If you get the chance, go! It’s now open to the public, and will be next year too!


My Day at BEA (Wednesday)

Before I went to BEA I had pre-conceived thoughts and ideas of what it was going to be like because of other blogger’s stories. It’s nice to know beforehand but I can honestly tell you that you shouldn’t imagine what it’s going to be like.

I went with my friend Katy and her mom (she was chaperone). We automatically headed to the Ally Condie signing for Crossed. I imagined things to be really crazy, but they weren’t. Things did get a little hectic for signings or certain galleys, but nothing too insane.  Katy and I had made a list of certain booths and signings we wanted to visit and just kinda made our way around throughout the day. So many things went on at once.

(Picture I took with Eoin Colfer, author of the Artemis Fowl series)

I’ve heard that some publishers didn’t want to deal with bloggers so I braced myself for that. Fortunately for me the publishers I met were welcoming. Everyone was really nice and helpful. Some even went further to help me and also made sure that I got certain galleys.

I also made it to six author signings. I met Ally Condie (Crossed), Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke and Bone), Lisa Desrochers (Personal Demons), James Dashner (The Death Cure), Eoin Colfer (Plugged) and Marie Lu (Legend). I talked to other people in lines and handed out and received business cards here and there. I met some other awesome bloggers and hung out with my friend Michael. Overall, it was a very awesome day! 

This is my awesome book haul from BEA:

I’m really thankful that I was able to go this year! I suggest that you should go next year if you are able too; it is quite an experience!

Also, be on the lookout for a giveaway 😉 Leave your thoughts below!

Diversity in YA Book Signing

On Saturday my friends and I were lucky to attend the Diversity in YA Book signing at Books of Wonder in NYC. I was extremely excited. Extremely.

We got to Books of Wonder around 1 thinking we were late. But we weren’t because their website said the wrong time. My friends and I were looking at some books and Cindy Pon came up and I introduced myself and she attacked me with a hug ^_^ It’s kind of awesome when an author recognizes you, just saying.


When the event first started out my friends (Lindsay and Teresa) and I were the only teens there. We were cool with it but other teens showed up! Haha! The authors answered questions and also did a lightening round. It was pretty awesome listening to their answer. Can I say Malinda Lo is so inspirational?! Matt de La Peña also made me laugh quite a lot.

There was also a time where the audience got to ask the authors question. I was the first one to raise my hand with the question: Would you rather not write another book or read another book? And did I stump them! Matt de La Peña  didn’t want to answer and Jacqueline Woodson asked if she could die first. All the other authors besides Cindy Pon said that they would give up reading. Even though I asked the question I have no idea what my answer would be! Which would you choose?!

Here are the pics I took with the authors:

(with Matt de La Peña)

(with Neesha Meminger and Cindy Pon)

(with Malinda Lo)

Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet all of them 😦 I felt bad because my friends went to go eat cupcakes and I kinda knew they wanted to get out of there. It sucks because I really wanted to meet Jacqueline Woodson! I just hope there will be another tour like this in the near future!

I had such an amazing time! For those of you who have not yet been to a book signing I suggest you go to one! Leave your comments below!

Fun [Fact] Friday: Breathless Authors

Last Wednesday, the authors did a Q&A for the audience. So I jotted down some facts about the authors I don’t think any of us knew before…


Did you know…?

  • Matched and Across the Universe were originally supposed to be a standalone novel.
  • Ansel in Nightshade is based on Andrea’s little brother.
  • The Ourboroughs Society (from the Eternal Ones) went through 6+ different names before Kirsten finalized the name.
  • The word frex (from Across the Universe) means Financial Research of Exchange in our world. Beth thought it would be natural word for the characters to develop into a ‘curse.’ It is in exchange for today’s ‘F’ word.
  • Ally Condie loves Unicorns.
  • Kirsten Miller loves blowing things up.
  • Kirsten, Andrea and Ally all agree that the first line of a novel is the hardest to write. Brenna says that the last line is harder. Beth says the first is fun and the last it satisfying.


The Breathless Signing

On Wednesday (2/9) I met the Breathless Reads authors (Ally Condie, Beth Revis, Kirsten Miller, Brenna Yovanoff and Andrea Cremer). Lemme tell you all that it was kinda fun.

Penguin asked me if I wanted to be the official blogger for the event before I even knew about it and of course I said yes! Who cares that it was a school night? I didn’t. Haha. So on Wednesday I headed to the city to Books of Wonder and had an awesome night with my friends.

I was able to meet the authors before the event began and took pictures and stuff. Unfortunately, my camera died (Ugh, right?), so I ended up writing down the answers to the interview I had with them. Because the camera died I also was not able to get pictures of things that I wanted too.

The event started with the authors doing a Q&A, which was really cool. They even played would you rather!  One of the questions was would you rather have your entire town think you are possessed or have every decision made for you? (Andrea Cremer said that she would rather have her town think she’s possessed.) Then they signed books for the fans and talked with all of them.

It was truly wonderful to meet all five of the authors. Each of them are unique and have their own quirks that make them them. I really didn’t know how great they would all be from just talking them through twitter or something. Seriously. It’s really nice to actually get and meet someone. Such wonderful people who have written such wonderful books!

My friend’s and I had some awesome fan moments (Yes Michael and Monica, I’m talking about you two). Being us, we were kinda flipping out because we were meeting the Breathless authors. It was definitely a night of fun! I encourage you to go to an author signing if you get the chance! Believe it or not, this was actually my first real signing. This one was definitely a great start!

***ALSO: Check back on the blog next week because I’m featuring the Breathless Reads! My interview with the authors will be up, and you also might want to look out for a giveaway 😉