What I Realized in 2013

What I realized in 2013:

-That it’s hard to find time to read in college.
-That I’m starting to become kinda picky about the books I want to read.
-That although I’ve had the goal of reading 100 books in a year since 2009, I do not see it ever happening in the near future.

Here’s the thing: I’m not upset or confused about any of these three things. And if you find yourself agreeing with any of the things above, you shouldn’t be upset either.

I mean, yes, I would’ve love to have more reading time. But between classes, clubs, and commenting, it really isn’t possible. This past semester, I managed to read about two books a month. Since I had so little time, finding the time to read was nice. It felt special to get captured by a good story. I also know what it feels like to miss reading; which makes reading better when I actually do (that makes sense, right).

Second, I’m obviously getting older. I’m in a new place with new experiences. My taste in books is changing because I’m changing. I noticed that I’m not that interested in a lot of YA books anymore and am more interested in NA and now even a little bit of non-fiction. At first, I was a little upset about this, since YA books are all ever read and that my blog is a YA book blog; but I finally realized there is nothing to be upset about. So what if I like different kind of books? They’re still books; I’m still reading.

I also haven’t stopped reading YA books; actually they’re still a majority of what I read. I’m just not as interested in certain types of plots. This though, gives me the chance to read other story lines.

Last, reading 100 books is still possible, even though I don’t think it will happen. Back in 2009 when I first made that goal, I sometimes read a book really quickly because I just wanted to finish it. I didn’t read into all of the details of the book and didn’t enjoy the story it was telling. When reading a book, you’re supposed to read it for yourself; for your own enjoyment and at your own pace.

Since I have never accomplished this goal, I still have hope of doing so. One day. (:

What I also realized in 2013:

-I feel accomplished every time I write a blog post. I also realized the fact that my blog is small.
-The reason why I am going into my major.
-That some required reading in college is really interesting.

To begin, I know I rarely post. I know that I manage to put out about 2 or 3 posts a month. Honestly, I don’t mind that I post only a little. Blogging is fun, but it isn’t my life. I love to read and I love book blogging, and I have found a way to still incorporate it into my life even with my busy schedule.

Thank you to all of my blog followers. I’ve said this many times and I’m saying it again: I appreciate and I am thankful for your support ❤

Second, I am hoping to be a Marketing major (well really, a Marketing & Advertising Communications major). Going into college, all I knew was that I wanted to work in book publishing. This semester I realized that the reason I want to go into book publishing is to make a change to the way books are marketed. I want promote diversity in books. As of right now the marketing for diverse books is slowly changing and becoming more prominent, but it isn't yet. I hope to find a job one day that will allow me to to make it prominent.

Lastly, reading is a wonderful thing. It lets your mind wander and opens you up to a completely different world. I didn't think required readings in college would be that interesting; but some books were very interesting. I enjoyed the readings from some of my classes, and I hope you did too. I know that a reading from class makes the book less desirable, but keep an open mind; it's required for a reason.

All in all, 2013 was a decent year for me. I read about 40something books and started to blog about the New Adult genre. What are some of the things you guys noticed about yourself in 2013?

I wish you all a wonderful new year! Here's a toast to all the memories of 2013, and the ones to come in 2014 (:


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