Blog Tour: For Real by Chelsea M. Cameron [Book Thoughts]



Two people. One fake relationship. What could go wrong?

When virgin Shannon Travers gets fed up with her friends demanding that she find a boyfriend, she enlists the help of tattooed, mohawk-rocking graphic design student Jett. He’s more than happy to play along with their Fake Relationship, including the Ten Rules of Fake Dating that control-freak Shannon comes up with. Even if he likes to violate them. Repeatedly.

But what happens when Fake Dating starts to feel… not fake anymore? Will Shannon be willing to let go and embrace the first thing in her life that’s ever felt REAL?

My Thoughts:

[**I received an e-copy of this book through Inkslinger PR in exchange for an honest review.]

In the midst of getting through my first semester of college, I’m glad I found this cute, quick read to occupy my free time.  For Real is an adorable story that portrays dating and romance very realistically – something that other novels fail to do.

At first, I couldn’t make up my mind about the book…or well, the characters. Yes, I connected with Shannon instantly; it was her friends that made me want to punch a wall. Shannon’s friends treat her awfully; not only that, but their actions are portrayed in such a dramatic way that part of me thought it was too played out and really cliché. Even though it’s their actions and words that bring about Shannon’s story, it bothered me a lot and even made me sad to know Shannon let them treat her that way.

My thoughts about the story quickly changed though, when Shannon meets Jett. I smiled when I found out that he’s Asian (yeah diversity!). What really makes me happy, though, is that it isn’t a big deal that he is Asian. Although Jett is Asian, he’s like any other American teen. Yes, there are aspects of him that are a part of him due to his culture (does that make sense?) but they’re details that don’t define who he is. All in all, Jett is an American teenager and Shannon’s thoughts don’t even skip a beat when they first meet.

To continue, the relationship between Shannon and Jett make me happy (I like to use the word happy a lot when talking about this book). Their bond is natural; the jokes they make, the things they say, and how they phrase their sentences had me smiling throughout the whole book. These two remind me of the way my friends and I talk, and nothing is better than understanding the bond the characters have when you and your friends share a similar one.

Last but not least, I’m going to mention the ending, which played with my thoughts. There is one scene I found to be very, very unrealistic; only to be followed by a scene that was probably the most realistic thing I have ever read in a fictional story. The unrealistic scene was too happy and too perfect and felt rushed. On the other hand, I think the next scene makes up for the previous scene because it’s realistic and perfect and what’s better than that?

To summarize, For Real stands out from most of the other New Adult novels. Why? Because this book showcases the awkwardness and understanding that comes with dating and relationships. Not only that, but For Real is the only NA book I’ve read that doesn’t make sex this wonderful-perfect-movie-scene thing, but awkward and clumsy and nerve-wracking. NA is all about the topics and issues that come along with that awkward part teen/part adult stage, and I think For Real is a perfect novel that covers just that. Truthfully, I think this book should find its way onto your TBR list… (:

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