Book Expo of America

Book Expo of America. Also known as BEA.

Yes that is right, I will be attending the Book Expo of America this summer. I am very happy to say that this is my third year in a row that I am going to the largest publishing conference in North America held at the Javits Center in Manhattan.

Now what is BEA, you ask? It is everything and anything in the book world! Imagine a very large convention center in New York City. Now imagine every single person that deals with books: publishers, buyers, marketers, authors, editors, reviewers and all those people in between. Lastly, throw in books, signings, books, swag, books, and more books! Book Expo of America not only has what’s is in in the book world, it also has the scoop on everything up and coming in the book world!

How awesome does that sound?!

Guess what?! 2013 is the first year that BEA is opened to the public! Yes, you heard me correctly. Check out all of the information on their website here!

Although I always told myself I would try and make it three days, unfortunately I cannot this year due to school. I will be going Thursday, May 30th and will be there all day. Seriously, if you recognize me, please come up to me and say hello! [Don’t worry, I don’t bite.] Even if you’re scared to do walk up to some random stranger, you to come say hi; I dare you.


This is what I look like. Come say hi!

In past years: I’ve met some of my favorite authors; talked to some wonderful people in the publishing industry; and not only spent the day with friends, but have made friends with other bloggers. Who knows what this year will bring, but I’m excited!


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