Qualities of a Good Reader

This year I’m taking AP English & Literature (which I’m so excited about). Finally! My teacher is insanely awesome and I’m glad we’re learning this year. I’m telling you this because this is actually what we went over a few days ago.

What is the difference between an average reader and a good reader? Now you might not care about whether or not you’re a good reader. I’m posting about this because I do care about being a good reader. Here are the qualities:

  • Reading actively (making annotations).
  • Going further to understand the text (such as looking up vocabulary words if you do not understand them).
  • Being able to form opinions about the text.
  • Reading the work multiple times. The first time is usually quicker because you are just trying to get through it first. The second time becomes a more thorough read because you already know the end.
  • Reading every word because if it’s there, it matters.
  • Finding a main idea and seeing if the book structure supports it.
  • Making inferences (reading between the lines).

Hey, guess what?! If you do a few of these then you’re a good reader! Yes, these qualities mostly apply to analyzing texts in school but I also find myself doing these things when reading for fun. Now that I think about it, I could probably fill up a whole YA book of notes if I didn’t want to mark it up. Maybe I’ll try that one day…

Thoughts?! Leave them below!


3 thoughts on “Qualities of a Good Reader

  1. I do a few of these. I love taking notes about the books so then I can go back, and understand why I liked it or didn’t. I’m also one of those types or loves to write down quotes that are meaningful or just funny. I have to use a sheet of paper for my bookmark just so I can make notes. Also I’ll read a book once just to read through it then I’ll go back and take my time if it’s a book I enjoyed the first time around just to enjoy a little longer. I think I’ve re-read my vampire academy books 4 or 5 times. I learn something new everytime.

  2. Hello,

    I was researching the qualities of a good reader and came across your blog!

    Well, the characteristics you lay out are evidence that you have the ability to read well and to be dedicated to school. Good for you. ( :
    I would encourage you to think of your ability to read as a skill–something that you would be able to practice time and again–rather than a set of tasks. That way, you can give yourself credit when you face college’s demands of time management and books that are esoteric to your true self.

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