Library Love

How many of you go to the library on a normal basis?

I don’t (surprisingly). I used to go a lot but then I got into the habit of buying books and borrowing from friends. I had no need to go to the library because I had a constant supply of books and until recently I had never thought about going more often. Half of you reading this probably go. The other half probably don’t.

I know plenty of people that read as much as I do and never go to the library. I recently took a trip to the library (which I hadn’t been to in months) and fell in love all over again. One of the reasons I told my parents I didn’t want to go was because “The library doesn’t have any new books.” What a lie. My library held a ton of recently released novels that I had been dying to get my hands on. Granted I didn’t take out any books because we went for a specific reason, but you get my point.

The library is great for everyone. Books are expensive and it’s hard to get the books you want. Yes, you should support the author and buy the book but still. The library is a great place to look for something new to read.  If you are someone who doesn’t go I suggest you go and check out your local library.

Most libraries have the newest releases, but I’m sure there are some that probably do not. I know for a fact that a lot of school libraries lack books because of school funding. If you have books that you are no longer going to read you should donate them to a local school library. Many school libraries accept ARCs/proofs so all you book bloggers know where to donate when you want to get rid of them. My high school doesn’t have a lot of the new stuff so I’m actually putting together a pile of things to donate in the beginning of the year.

If you either check out your local library or donate then you are showing the library some love! Spread the love guys (:


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