What I Don’t See in YA Novels

We all know the common themes in YA novels. We think and talk about these repeating ideas. What about the things we don’t see?! We focus so much on what we do see that the things we don’t see are never brought up. I’m pretty sure you’ve thought about this before.

Here are some things that happen in real life that do not usually come up in YA:

  • Girls who are taller than guys / girls dating guys shorter than them.

Other than the exception of Anna and the French Kiss I have not read a book where the girl is taller than the guy. C’mon people! There are plenty of tall females out there! I doubt every single couple has a taller guy.

  • Girls dating guys younger than them.

In Past Midnight the protagonist likes a guy in a grade younger than her but she wishes that he was at least in her grade. What’s wrong with dating girls dating younger guys? I see it. It happens.

  • Guys and girls who are happy being single.

I know girls and guys that don’t want a relationship at the moment. I also have a few friends that are so happy not having a boyfriend anymore. They are happy being single. Why do most characters want boyfriends/girlfriends?!

  • Girls with short hair.

What’s up with every single girl having ‘long and flowy gorgeous hair.’ Yeah. Half of my girl friends have short hair. Seriously.

  • Girls who like other girls.

I’ve read books with guys that are gay. What about girls? Are girls not also homosexual? So far the only character that I’ve read where a girl was dating another girl was If I Stay and the character wasn’t the protagonist. She was actually only mentioned here and there.

Do you guys agree with me?! Any other things you don’t see in YA?


7 thoughts on “What I Don’t See in YA Novels

  1. The first thing I thought when I saw the “taller girls” was Anna and the French Kiss. But yes, that is the only book I can think of. The thing is, I am a tall girl, and I want a taller guy. So Etienne actually seemed slightly less attractive when I learned he was shorter. :/

    Another thing with the older girls. I have yet to read a book with older girlfriends, but again, I prefer my guys older, too.

    The single thing: YES. I am perfectly happy with it! I’ve put off guys until college, or at least they mature. (Which could be close to never.)

    Short hair: Well, I have long hair. I don’t think it’s that pretty, but whatever. And I agree. How many books have girls with short hair? (Or covers without dresses?)

    LGBT books: The only one I’ve read thus far is Huntress by Malinda Lo. I haven’t heard of many others… it’s a pretty new thing to be putting into books, and it’s obviously very controversial. It may take a couple more years before it’s really a big thing.

    • Yeah I know what you mean about wanting a taller guy. I’m not tall but all the girls I know want a guy thats taller than her. And same thing with the older guy thing too.

      I’ve read Ash by Malinda Lo (which I forgot to mention). Fail! But I agree with you about how it will probably take a few years for it to occur more.

  2. LGBT books – there are some. I reviewed a British one about five years ago, but I cannot remember the title (I didn’t really like it, but not because of the topic, because of the writing style). Also, Ash by Malinda Lo.

  3. I think another more abstract things book lack is balance in the sense that either everything good happens to a character at once, or everything bad happens at once…and when everything bad happens, either everything works out or nothing does…

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