For Real (Part 3)

The question is: Are all of the common themes/stereotypes real?! Do they really occur in an average high school?! Well I am here to tell you the realities of certain situations. Believe me; I know enough about high school to tell you if it’s real or not. (I’m a sophomore if you were wondering).

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  • Love triangles

This topic if iffy. Why? One: Love triangles aren’t really triangles. They’re lines. It’s usually one girl likes two boys. A true triangle is that a girl likes a guy but that guy likes a guy. Two: Love triangles/lines happen to an extent. Sometimes it’s where two girls like the same guy or where two guys like the same girl. I know it happens but I have never had to witness it firsthand. Love triangles are also not as intense as they are in books. They are more exaggerated in fiction.

  • Best Friends forever

There is usually the guy or girl best friend that has been friends with the protagonist since pre-school/kindergarten/etc. This one is true. I’ve known people my whole life that I’m best friends with. What also tends to happen is that people grow out of each other and no longer speak. It is more likely to know people your whole life who you don’t talk to than to be best friends with.

  • Leaving without permission

My friends and I were talking and this comes up a lot in YA books. It is where the protagonist will leave school, home, etc. without telling anyone (parents, friends, teachers, etc). Sometimes they get in trouble and other times they don’t. It depends on what your situation at home is, but it’s possible to leave your house without having to tell anyone. But if you’re at school or with your friend’s people will give you a hard time for just leaving. I know my friends hound me about my whereabouts. So this one is real to an extent…

Thoughts?! Leave your comments below!


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