Diversity in YA Book Signing

On Saturday my friends and I were lucky to attend the Diversity in YA Book signing at Books of Wonder in NYC. I was extremely excited. Extremely.

We got to Books of Wonder around 1 thinking we were late. But we weren’t because their website said the wrong time. My friends and I were looking at some books and Cindy Pon came up and I introduced myself and she attacked me with a hug ^_^ It’s kind of awesome when an author recognizes you, just saying.


When the event first started out my friends (Lindsay and Teresa) and I were the only teens there. We were cool with it but other teens showed up! Haha! The authors answered questions and also did a lightening round. It was pretty awesome listening to their answer. Can I say Malinda Lo is so inspirational?! Matt de La Peña also made me laugh quite a lot.

There was also a time where the audience got to ask the authors question. I was the first one to raise my hand with the question: Would you rather not write another book or read another book? And did I stump them! Matt de La Peña  didn’t want to answer and Jacqueline Woodson asked if she could die first. All the other authors besides Cindy Pon said that they would give up reading. Even though I asked the question I have no idea what my answer would be! Which would you choose?!

Here are the pics I took with the authors:

(with Matt de La Peña)

(with Neesha Meminger and Cindy Pon)

(with Malinda Lo)

Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet all of them 😦 I felt bad because my friends went to go eat cupcakes and I kinda knew they wanted to get out of there. It sucks because I really wanted to meet Jacqueline Woodson! I just hope there will be another tour like this in the near future!

I had such an amazing time! For those of you who have not yet been to a book signing I suggest you go to one! Leave your comments below!


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