High School Bloggers

YA stands for Young Adult. Many blogs around the blogosphere focus on YA novels. A ton of those bloggers are not young adults, though. Here are a list of high school bloggers giving their opinions on YA. See what we think about the genre 🙂 I highly recommend checking out each and every one of these blogs:

List of high school bloggers: YA book reviews by teens. 

Inspired by Cara from Chasing Words.

1. Kelsey @ The Book Scout
2. Lauren @ Books From a Shelf
3. Chioma @ Blue and Black Ink
4. Ari @ Reading in Color
5. Lauren @ Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf
6. Kreag @ I Devour Books
7. Alison @ Lost In Believing
8. Julia @ That Hapa Chick
9. Julie @ Sea Reflections
10. Caitlin @ Scarrlet Reader
11. Audrey @ Holes in My Brain
12. Meg @ In Which a Girl Reads
13. Linna @ 21 Pages
14. Justine @ A Bookful of Thoughts
15. Liz @ Planet Print
16. Gina & Nora @ The Bucket List
17. Myranda @ The Book Nymph
18. Kailia @ Reading the Best of the Best
19. Jackie @ Teen Book Guide
20. Mariah @ A Reader’s Adventure!
21. Kati @ Princess Reviews

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This list is from Books at Midnigh here.


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