Delirium Song Suggestion

(***Contains spoilers. I suggest you only proceed if you have finished Delirium)

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts you’ll notice I mention a few artists here and there. A few of them are well-known and others aren’t even signed to a record label. Josh Golden and Savannah Outen recently came out with a song called ‘Tonight With You.’ The first time I listened to it, I was basking in awe at the fact the two friends made a song together. The second time I listened to it, I only saw Alex and Lena in my mind. I’m being serious.

This song mostly relates to the very end of the novel. It’s the part where Lena is strapped to the bed and is hoping/waiting for Alex to come and rescue her from everything so they can run away into the Wilds. It does relate to other parts of the novel, though. When Josh sings, imagine it from Alex’s POV and when Savannah sings imagine it from Lena’s POV.

Let’s examine the song, shall we?

(Josh is in blue, Savannah is in purple, both is in red)

These days go by so quickly
Feels like I’m losing my mind
And we are running out of time

The two only have the summer until Lena has to go through the procedure. They spend every free moment they can with each other and all of their time is going by too fast.

These days never felt so lonely
I try but no one knows me
They all just think I’m crazy

Whenever Alex isn’t around, she really doesn’t have anyone. Hana and she had a fight which caused them to ignore each other for most of the summer. Lena can’t tell her family because it’s against the law to feel the way she does. Lena is practically on her own when she isn’t with Alex.

Girl, just tell me why we can’t go now
Boy, why can’t we just break out?

At first Alex wasn’t sure if it was right for them to just runaway, but I think in truth he wanted to leave together then. Lena is just sick of living a lie and wants to break out as soon as she can and get away.

Well everything could change tonight
We could pack up, and leave this whole town behind
You are the key to my only way out
There’s nothing more I care about

And nothings gonna change my mind
I’ll feel this way as long as I’m alive
There is no turning back
Tonight is all we have
So let’s make this last

Lena is trapped just waiting for Alex to come. If he does, everything will change tonight whether they make it out into the Wilds or not. Savannah sings ‘You are the key to my only way out…” This line stands out to me because with Lena, Alex really is her only way out. Not only was he the person to show her the Wilds, but also the guy she fell in love with. Without she wouldn’t be leaving. The chorus continues and says both of their love for each other will stay with them ‘as long as I’m alive.” There is no way to change what they both decide and no matter what happens, they are going to make the best of it.

Don’t bother saying goodbye
They don’t need to know why
Cause we are running out of time
(we’re running out of time)

There is no way for Lena to say goodbye because she knows people would tear them apart and change them since love is a ‘disease.’ Every second that passes brings them closer to Lena’s operation which will change her.

I need you and no one else
Boy I don’t want you to go
I want you all to myself

Alex really doesn’t have anyone or anything else to live for besides Lena. When Lena is trapped in her room, she doesn’t want him to leave her on her own since there’s a chance he won’t be able to save her. Because if he does she’ll go through the procedure and lose all feelings of love for anyone.

If I’d have known,
then I would trade everything just to be by your side

You should know,
that I would lose anything just be with you tonight

Alex doesn’t have much but I feel that he would give up what he owns to be with Lena. And Lena is losing everything she has ever known to run away with him.

Tonight with you

Josh and Savannah’s voices are in perfect harmony with each other’s and I feel that Alex and Lena have the same harmony in everything. The last line is beautiful, just like their relationship. Both of them really only have that night but at least they have each other.


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