What is with ALL YA guy characters being good-looking?

Am I the only one who has thought of this?! Yes? No? Well, I bet you have thought the exact same thing as I have. I’ve thought about it. My friends have thought about it. Gosh, if I had a dog my dog would probably have thought about it. Let’s face, this topic isn’t possible to be non-thinkable.

Well. EVERY SINGLE MAIN GUY IN A YOUNG ADULT NOVEL IS GOOD-LOOKING. Cute. Hot. Gorgeous. Sexy. Handsome. Good-looking. If it’s a synonym to the word ‘attractive’ it has been used to describe guys in books. Because there just happens to be attractive guys hitting on the main girl all the time. I know because this happens to every girl out there (I really do hope you note my sarcasm).

Hate to break it to everyone, but that does not happen in real life. But at the same time, it does.

What?! Alison, what are you talking about?

In truth, every single guy in a book is good-looking because they are…from that character’s POV. It doesn’t matter if that book is in first, second, or third person. If your main character is female and she is attracted to guys, then she is going to think the guy she is attracted too is good-looking. Get all that?

Every person sees a different person in a way no one else does. So if the girl thinks the guy is hot, then we’re all going to assume he is hot because we side with the character. The way said guy is described also makes him attractive. If books were played out like movies I can guarantee that not everyone will think that guy is attractive. We fall in love with the character’s feelings towards that guy.

Hence, we only think the male character is attractive because we are polluted by the main female’s view. Darn you, main female! It’s all good though since having cute guys is always a plus 😉


3 thoughts on “What is with ALL YA guy characters being good-looking?

  1. i agree and disagree…i think it’s more the fault of the author for having guys hit on the main girls all the time, even when they don’t (think) they are gorgeous themselves. it seems to me if the main girl’s POV isn’t vain, other people think she’s gorgeous and she’s just being modest about it but she really is pretty. so i don’t think i’ve ever read a story from a main girl’s POV where she wasn’t at least a little bit pretty…but i do see what you mean about beauty being subjective….beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all that.

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