Fantasy Cast: Peeta Mellark

If you follow me on Twitter you might notice how I tweet about celebrities more than books…Well, most of the time.

Yesterday I tweeted about a live chat I was watching by an artist I recently got into. While watching this live chat I had a realization that kinda went like this: “OH MY GOD HE COULD PLAY PEETA.” Of course he isn’t going to really play Peeta, but I can dream! If I could cast Peeta, I would so cast this guy.

I bet you’re all wondering who said guy is, right?!

Jimmy Robbins

Jimmy Robbins is a 21-year-old artist from North Carolina. I was actually lucky enough to see him in concert and meet him a few weeks ago. His music is pop/acoustic and he really is a sweet guy. I say he could make a good Peeta because he has blond hair and blue eyes. Yeah, he’s older. Yeah, he’s a singer. But it’s my fantasy casting xD



Hit or Miss?! Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think! Who would you want to play Peeta?!


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