Disliking a Book Doesn’t Make the Book Bad

Who has ever read a book and they ended up not liking it?

I have.

No, I am not going to tell you the books. I do have to say the ones I dislike happen to be very, very popular. If I told you them you would probably gasp at me and freak out, because I’ve done the same things to my friends (jokingly). I’m upset when my friends don’t enjoy a book I love, but I’m cool with it. There isn’t anything in this world that will please everyone.

Disliking a book doesn’t make the book bad. A lot of people have trouble understanding this.

I would love to love every single thing out there, but I don’t. You don’t. No one does. It’s life. If you do not enjoy a book, it’s fine. The thing is, don’t expect everyone to feel the same way you do. A book you hate is someone’s favorite book. Don’t try to change their opinion. Don’t bash the book. That book is written by an author who is successful.

Didn’t like the book the first time? Try again.

I actually read a book that is also super popular the year it came out and thought it was okay. I read it again recently and loved it. Maybe it’s age, mindset, or something else, but time might change your opinion on something. Nothing hurts to try again.

Next time you dislike a book remember that a book isn’t bad because you dislike it. This might sound harsh, but the world doesn’t revolve around you. Also remember to value other people’s opinions because they are just as important as your own.



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