For Real?! (Part I)

If you read YA novels then you are probably familiar with the repeating themes such as the hot bad boy, the new girl in school or the evil cheerleader. Yes, they are overused. Yes, it does get a bit boring. But you have to admit that you still love it…well, most of the time.

The question is: Are all of the common themes/stereotypes real?! Do they really occur in an average high school?! Well I am here to tell you the realities of certain situations. Believe me; I know enough about high school to tell you if it’s real or not. (I’m a sophomore if you were wondering).

This post is going to be split up into a few different posts. The more themes/stereotypes I remember, the more posts about this will be put up.  If you didn’t realize already, this post is Part I.

  • That one popular guy/girl that everyone loves.

This one is true. My grade has this guy everyone loves. Okay, not loves, but no one hates him. That’s saying something because every person in school has people that love or hates him/her. A few of my friends follow my blog and they probably know who I’m talking about. This guy I’m talking about is good-looking and he participates in a ton of sports. Not only that, but he’s a good kid. He gets good grades and doesn’t smoke. I have friends that go to other schools and have those popular kids also. So I’m thinking this theme is true for most schools.

  • Bitchy cheerleaders

Why is it that 99.99% of cheerleaders get the bad reputation?! Oh right, it’s because they really are that mean. I’m not trying to offend cheerleaders, but the ones in my school are pretty mean. They are nasty people. Most of them are also whores. One of my friends is a varsity cheerleader. But she’s not your typical cheerleader because she’s also part of the anime club and isn’t small and super-skinny. I think she is one of the nicest, funniest people you’ll ever meet. She loves to cheer, but most of the girls on the school team dislike her. It’s because she is different. This stereotype isn’t 100% true, but it tends to be.

  • Dating someone out of your ‘social league.’

What’s with all of the books where the ‘goth’ boy dates the cheerleader, or the hot jock dates the invisible girl?! Hate to burst your bubble people, but that does not happen in real life. Yeah, all the teens in school talk to each other but they usually never go out with someone not in their social group. I know, I know, we all fantasize about that happening. When this does actually happen in real life I will applaud. But for now I’m stuck with fiction.

Thoughts?! I wrote this post while I was sick, so I’m sorry if it’s worded weirdly. Also leave some other reoccuring themes you’re getting sick of !


4 thoughts on “For Real?! (Part I)

  1. So agree on the first one. I live in the UK and we don’t really have cheerleaders so I don’t know particularly on that one.
    And the last one….yeaaah I wish but I know it’ll never happen. My friend liked a guy who was one of the ‘popular’ people and well, it didn’t work out. I had a feeling it wouldn’t.

    For the first one, we have this girl who everyone just doesn’t like. I used to be best friends with her and then she started being mean to me when everyone else did apart from me – if that makes sense. No-one really likes her and it seems whatever she does…makes people not like her anymore. I feel sorry for her as I know her but then what can you do when she’s being like that too?
    Great idea! 🙂

  2. All I say is: agree on every single one of them.

    There’s that popular guy at my school, my cheerleader friend (though she’s accepted because… idk, she’s just awesome and artsy), and the circle-restrained dating. Now, to see if uni will be any different…

  3. Haha, they’re all so true. From what I remember about high school, there was a super popular kid and the cheerleaders were extreme snobs and everyone stayed within their own group of friends or cliques. High school was so much drama and awesome ridiculousness. 😀

  4. Hm. Few of those were true for my hs — there was a solid group of super-populars but I’m not sure I could have picked out just ONE guy/girl that was the alpha dog or whatever. The cheerleaders were super nice for the most part. But that last one… yeah, I don’t think anyone really dated very far out of their own circle. But the circles weren’t exactly super-defined at my school either.

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