Say Cheese! 1

I’ve decided to make up an awesome new theme of posts for my blog. It’s gonna be called ‘Say Cheese!’ for now 🙂 Why?! Well because it has to do with books and their cover models…


Well, I have. No lie.

Think about it. Some covers have awesome people doing awesome things or posing awesomely. But other covers are just awkward and…different. I’ve wondered if the models are told what the book is about (since I’m sure they are told they are modeling for a book cover). For all we know, they could just be dressed up, painted, or posed without knowing the storyline of the novel they are modeling for. And so we come full circle to how I started this post. If he or she isn’t told anything, they must be thinking some interesting thoughts!

The first cover we’re going to examine is:

Take a good look at the cover. Yeah, I don’t know about you but that looks like an awkwad/uncomfortable position to be in. Here are some thoughts I think could have been running through this guy’s thoughts during this shoot:

  • “I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt.”
  • “Why the hell am I in this position? What kind of character is doing this? And what for? Geez.”
  • “Yeah, I haven’t shaved…bet that’s attractive.”

Well…I think I might have hit some of his thoughts on the dot. What do you think was running through his head?

Also, please let me know if you like this new theme of posts! Leave your thoughts below (:


5 thoughts on “Say Cheese! 1

  1. Awesome. It’s a very interesting post idea. As for this cover, I agree the position he’s in is kinda weird and def uncomfortable. Keep this going I can’t wait to see what cover is next. :0)

  2. LOL on the thoughts…you just might be right! ^_^ As for the post theme…I like it. It’s humorous and bookish all at once…nice combo. Happy reading!

  3. actually, this may not be a human at all. My art teacher in fourth grade did professional computer art with very realistic looking people just like this. Then again, this looks like a modern dancer in the middle of a leap. I honestly doubt they told him anything about the book except to leap with emotion. BTW, I kinda love this blog and miss u terribly.

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