‘Light’ Reading (NYPost Article)

Yesterday, I had to step at a game. So that left my father and I eating dinner at the table together because everyone else already ate (he picks me up at school from coming home from work). He reads the paper while I check my e-mail while we eat. Every five pages he’ll show me an article that he thinks I’ll be interested in. Usually, those articles have to do with celebs and books but today he showed me an actual news article.

Read the article here.

If you don’t want to read the article, I can tell you that someone is anonymously putting pages of a story he or she has written on various parts of NYC. Um, yeah, how awesome is that?! I may think it’s awesome, but the author of the article did some interviewing and found some people to dislike this. But I disagree.

The action of posting a story anonymously in various parts of NYC is definitely Romantic (not lovey-dovey romantic). The person who is doing this is creative and brave. They are not only posting pages at a time, but he or she is also making it a scavenger hunt! The end of each page says where the next part of the story will be, and I think that’s awesome. You might just think it’s a piece of paper, but people are reading! I know I would definitely be the one to keep up with the story (if it was interesting enough).

When it comes to thinking outside of the box, this person does not have trouble. I wish I had the guts to do something like this. This is art being displayed in insanely creative ways and should be appreciated. Whoever you are, I applaud you!


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