Review: Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

(**Review copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)

Theia Alderson has always led a sheltered life in the small California town of Serendipity Falls. But when a devastatingly handsome boy appears in the halls of her school, Theia knows she’s seen Haden before- not around town, but in her dreams.

As the Haden of both the night and the day beckons her closer one moment and pushes her away the next, the only thing Theia knows for sure is that the incredible pull she feels towards him is stronger than her fear.

And when she discovers what Haden truly is, Theia’s not sure if she wants to resist him, even if the cost is her soul.

‘Oh dang’ was the first thing that came to mind when I finished this novel. Then I spent the next ten minutes basking in awe.

To begin, the cast of characters will steal your heart from the beginning. Hayes has not only done a phenomenal job with Theia and Haden, she also breathes life into the chorus characters. From Donny’s ostentatious attitude to Mara’s living hell, Falling Under is full of diverse personalities. I found myself laughing, crying and gasping along with them. It felt like I was in the book, not reading it.

In 99% of books I read where something happens to the girl, said girl keeps a huge secret from her friends. Theia tells her two best friends everything which makes me really, really happy. Finally! As a teenage girl, I know for a fact that I tell my friends everything and vice versa. No girl is going to keep something that important a secret! Geez! When Theia made the decision I felt the story become hers, not the author’s.

Reading this novel is like trying to find your way through a maze. No matter what is thrown at the characters there is always another twist, turn or dead end. Imagine being trapped in a maze for a long period of time and every move you make just makes you more anxious to get out. Each page was like that, the anxiety increasing with every page turn. It all builds up until you have to drop everything to get out of the maze (finishing the novel).

One thing did bother me, though. I felt that a few scenes between Theia and Haden resembled Twilight a little too much. I love Twilight and all, but still…

Falling Under is a passionate, seductive read that makes your heart race as the novel unfolds and makes it stop when the last sentence is read. A captivating debut!

Rating: 4.5 / 5


One thought on “Review: Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

  1. I wanted to read this book so bad just seeing the cover reveal. Now that I’ve read your review I know I’ll being visiting Amazon and adding this baby to my cart. Great no awesome review.


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