Fun [Fact] Friday: Breathless Authors

Last Wednesday, the authors did a Q&A for the audience. So I jotted down some facts about the authors I don’t think any of us knew before…


Did you know…?

  • Matched and Across the Universe were originally supposed to be a standalone novel.
  • Ansel in Nightshade is based on Andrea’s little brother.
  • The Ourboroughs Society (from the Eternal Ones) went through 6+ different names before Kirsten finalized the name.
  • The word frex (from Across the Universe) means Financial Research of Exchange in our world. Beth thought it would be natural word for the characters to develop into a ‘curse.’ It is in exchange for today’s ‘F’ word.
  • Ally Condie loves Unicorns.
  • Kirsten Miller loves blowing things up.
  • Kirsten, Andrea and Ally all agree that the first line of a novel is the hardest to write. Brenna says that the last line is harder. Beth says the first is fun and the last it satisfying.



One thought on “Fun [Fact] Friday: Breathless Authors

  1. Oooh, wow, lots of interesting facts! Haha, I love the sound of the word frex, it’s such a cute curse word. That’s so creative of Beth to go and create her own futuristic curse word. And Kirsten Miller sounds like a lot of fun, I wonder now if she blows anything up in her book. Thanks for sharing!

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