Interview with Breathless Authors

I am really excited to be able to have Ally Condie, Kirsten Miller, Beth Revis, Andrea Cremer and Brenna Yovanoff answer a few questions for the blog! At first, I was supposed to have a video but my camera died 😛 So instead I jotted down quick answers to the questions. Even though it didn’t turn out as planned, it was great talking to the authors! 


1. If  you had to choose a character from another YA novel to make an appearance in your book, who would it be?

Andrea: Brigand from Fire (Kristin Cashore)
Beth: Ender from Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card)
Brenna: Jonah Griggs from Jellicoe Road (Melina Marchetta)
Ally: Flavia De Luce from Alan Bradley’s series
Kirsten: The Baker Street Irregulars from the Sherlock Holmes stories

2. Would you enter the world of your novel if you had the chance?

Andrea: I definitely would.
Beth: *laughs* No, it’s not worth it.
Brenna: I’m gonna have to think about that…
Ally: No.
Kirsten: I live in my world *smiles*

3. Any writing tips for aspiring authors?

Andrea: Read and write a bunch of times. The more you do of both, the more it will help.
Beth: If you are given the opportunity to experience something new, do it. Different experiences will help you in so many ways.
Brenna: Write a story that you are passionate about. Do not be afraid to write the story that you want to tell.
Ally: Have an interesting life…
Kirsten: Exercise butt power. Sometimes you just need to sit down and get it all done, which in turn requires a lot of sitting.

Haha sorry all, I can’t write that quickly! The Breathless Authors were so wonderful to talk to that I’m still in awe that I interviewed them in person instead of through e-mail. And I don’t know about you, but some of their answers made me laugh xD Again, they are amazing people who have written amazing books!

Leave your thoughts below!


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