Why Friends are the Best.

One of my best friends just recently came back from Disney World. Don’t know why, but she likes to get me stuff when she goes on trips. I tell her not too, but what can I do? This year she told me I would flip out when I saw what she had for me. She gave it to me two weeks ago and guess what? I flipped out. This is why friends are the BEST:

 Oh. My. Gosh.

Isn’t it fabulous?! Dang. I really did flip out at 12-something AM after partying at her Sweet 16. Thanks a ton, Linds!

Lost in Believing started off as a penname when I wrote fanfiction (haha anyone read my FF?). From there it turned out to be the title of the first real novel I tried to write (even though I never finished it) and the title of my blog. It’s pretty much my logo. My friend Brennah made my awesome icon for me and the quote is my own (also look to the right of the page ——->) :

So I was blown away when she handed me a bracelet with my saying on it. I wear it every day. Every. Single. Day. Yes, it’s that amazing. Friends are just the greatest, aren’t they? 😉


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