The Breathless Signing

On Wednesday (2/9) I met the Breathless Reads authors (Ally Condie, Beth Revis, Kirsten Miller, Brenna Yovanoff and Andrea Cremer). Lemme tell you all that it was kinda fun.

Penguin asked me if I wanted to be the official blogger for the event before I even knew about it and of course I said yes! Who cares that it was a school night? I didn’t. Haha. So on Wednesday I headed to the city to Books of Wonder and had an awesome night with my friends.

I was able to meet the authors before the event began and took pictures and stuff. Unfortunately, my camera died (Ugh, right?), so I ended up writing down the answers to the interview I had with them. Because the camera died I also was not able to get pictures of things that I wanted too.

The event started with the authors doing a Q&A, which was really cool. They even played would you rather!  One of the questions was would you rather have your entire town think you are possessed or have every decision made for you? (Andrea Cremer said that she would rather have her town think she’s possessed.) Then they signed books for the fans and talked with all of them.

It was truly wonderful to meet all five of the authors. Each of them are unique and have their own quirks that make them them. I really didn’t know how great they would all be from just talking them through twitter or something. Seriously. It’s really nice to actually get and meet someone. Such wonderful people who have written such wonderful books!

My friend’s and I had some awesome fan moments (Yes Michael and Monica, I’m talking about you two). Being us, we were kinda flipping out because we were meeting the Breathless authors. It was definitely a night of fun! I encourage you to go to an author signing if you get the chance! Believe it or not, this was actually my first real signing. This one was definitely a great start!

***ALSO: Check back on the blog next week because I’m featuring the Breathless Reads! My interview with the authors will be up, and you also might want to look out for a giveaway 😉


2 thoughts on “The Breathless Signing

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  2. Seems like this was such a great signing, especially for a first! I had the opportunity to meet Andrea Cremer last year and it was definitely awesome. And you not only met her, but the rest as well! 🙂

    As for the camera, I totally understand! Mine always seems to have a low battery at the most inconvenient time! It sucks.

    But it looks like you had a blast regardless. And I bet you’re itching to go to another signing! At least, that’s how I get right afterwards… haha Like concerts! 😉

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