What if… Alex Pettyfer does not take on TMI?

For warning, I wrote this blog post on Friday (1/28). Right now, I know that Alex has been offered the role of Jace. There have also been rumors he has chosen a different movie. But, those are just rumors. There’s also a possibility that by the chance this post comes out, he could have or have not accepted the part. This post is based off if the offer still stands. As much as I want him to be Jace Wayland, there’s a 50/50 he won’t take it.

Yes, I will cry.

Yes, I will be devastated.

But it won’t be the end of the world.

Really thought, what if he doesn’t take the part?!

  • Depression (at first).

Sorry. I don’t wanna be doomsday or anything, but I’m pretty sure that a bajillion of us will be pretty upset when the news gets out. Yes, we will yell and freak. I know shock will come to all of us and well walk around and scream ‘WHY?!’ to the world. We’ll all be sad for a while. It happens. But guess what, we’ll get over it.

  • New Person to Cast

There are other guys out there to play the part of Jace. In my heart, I truly believe Alex was born to play the part. But who knows?! Some other actor out there that we have never heard of could get the part and be PHENOMENAL. So not only do we know of Alex, but we now know this freakishly-awesome new guy. Technically it’s a win-win. Be open about it because you never know…

  • New Ideas

A new person playing Jace means that new thoughts and ideas will come out. For all of you who have pictured Alex, have you ever pictured someone else?! No?! Well, then there you go. It will be a surprise to see someone new and how they take the awesome Jace Wayland. This will then provoke new conversations and new fantasies.

C’mon. Cheer up. I know, I know. I’m desperately hoping Alex will take the part, but still. Be open. Be positive! Leave your thoughts below (:


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