Keeping Books in Good Condition

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m just a *little* anal about how my books look. I own a good amount of books, which means all of my friends borrow them like there is no tomorrow. We have an agreement which is that if you ruin a book you borrow, you buy it. We’re all cool with it. By ‘breaking’ we mean it literally killing it. For example, ripped cover page is a pretty good example. But still when I borrow books, I do my best to not toss it around. When it comes to my friends, they do their best.

Question: Do you care about the condition your books are in?!

I do. I totally flip out. I don’t even try to, it just bothers me. In a paperback book, if the spine has those white creases from bending it too far bothers me. Bent pages or covers bother me. So does worn edges. I know I sound high maintenance but it’s the truth. So here are some tips to keep your book in pristine condition:

  • Don’t place books in your bags.

In school, my friends and I will tend to put books in our bags since we’re carrying textbooks. If you can, try and avoid doing so. The edges of the books tend to bend a certain way that stays unless you flatten them out. I’ve also bent cover pages without even knowing they are being bent because I don’t check.

  • Keep books dry.

I bet you’re looking at me with a no-duh face. Of course you don’t intentionally get things wet. When it rains, put a book in a plastic bag. If you read during school or work, don’t leave books near cups that can accidently spill. Which also means don’t leave books on the counter in the kitchen. I know you think you’ll be careful, but really accidents happen. Also, don’t read in the bathtub. If your hands accidently slip, then your novel will be waterlogged.

  • Take off jacket covers.

If you let people borrow your books, then I suggest taking off jacket covers. I’m not saying they’ll ruin it, but it’s just easier. A lot of people are actually annoyed with them. Not only that, but if the jacket cover is just sitting there it’s not getting read around. Even if your book isn’t in the greatest condition, at least it will look like it is when you put it back on.

I’ll post more suggestions when I get them! So tell me, does this advice help you at all? Got any advice of your own?!


6 thoughts on “Keeping Books in Good Condition

  1. I am a FREAK when it comes to my books! Seriously. Everyone knows by now not to even ask to borrow my books, because they know I’ll complain about something when I get it back. lol

    But I can’t help it! I like to keep them pretty. haha I absolutely hate when people dog-ear (bookmarks were invented for a reason!), when they get pages dirty (seriously, how can you eat while reading?), or when they crease the binding. It drives me nuts! I’m crazy, can you tell? lol

    But it’s nice to know others understand/feel the same way! 🙂

    • Lol I’m actually surprised my friends still ask me. It must be because I have all the recent stuff… xD

      Oh my gosh, I think we might be sisters because I feel the EXACT same way. I hate it when the cover looks used too (do you get what I’m saying?) cause sometimes it looks new, but when it gets thrown around there are these almost invisible scratches on it. That and it just doesn’t feel new anymore!

  2. We’re SO freaky alike! I know what you mean. Actually, everytime I lend my book to a friend, I remind him/her to not bend it too far lol Worn edges bothers me too that’s why on paperbacks, I use a plastic cover 😀

  3. I actually buy laminate paper in the area of the store where you can purchase covers for kitchen shelves and I cover all of my books. I even cover the hardback dust covers and tape the dust covers on. I don’t like the hardcovers to get stained. (Even under the cover they have to look good) I have also started a check out book, with the date they take it home and bring it back. I feel a little overprotective, but that would be me.

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