Creating A Cover

On Cyn Balog’s website, she has all of the books she has out or will be coming out. In 2012, she has a book called Living Backwards coming out. You can check out the her stories here. But I really like the summary of that novel so I decided to make a cover. Yeah yeah, I know the book is in works and all that but I can have my fun!

Living Backwards by Cyn Balog (Delacorte 2012)

Summary (from Cyn’s wesbite):

Nick Cross is not like other fifteen-year-olds.  All of his life, he has been able to remember things before they happen.  He lives every day walking on glass.  One unexpected move can send his future spiraling out of control.  One day, he makes a small mistake that causes a horrific tragedy and sets in motion a new chain of events.  Suddenly, he can’t remember anything past his sixteenth birthday.  Is that because he has no future?

So do you like it?! Personally, I think I had too much black between the author and the title but still it looks cool. Tell me what you think below!


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