What I Love About Cyn Balog’s Novels

What I Love about Cyn Balog’s Novels

  • Her Characters

I read Fairytale a while ago, but I read Sleepless less than a month ago. My memory might be a little hazy, but I know that her characters just pop off the page. She builds characters that are believable and you can’t help but love everyone one of them (no matter how horrible one is). The way they act and think to certain situations make them believable teenagers. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them happened to be walking past me in school.

Another great thing is that every one of them has his or her own voice. When I write, all of my characters sound and act the same way. I actually looked to Cyn’s characters for inspiration and help. Cyn really  is the author that lets her characters develop  on their own while she writes. I wish I had her talent!

  • Her covers

Um hello, have you seen the covers to her novels?! Yes, I know she only has two books published, but her third novel, Starstruck has a cover. Fairytale, Sleepless and Starstuck all have covers that follow the same style- a simple black background with a lone colorful, intriguing image that draws people in. I really like the simplicity; book covers don’t have to be intricate to be good. The picture on the front is also beautiful. Her covers might just be my favorite.

  • Her endings

The novels she has written so far are books that stand alone (they don’t have sequels). So the ending has to be wrapped up since there is no next part. She doesn’t leave her audience with a cliffhanger, but there is an aura of mystery that keeps you wanting more. They end perfectly, but to me it feels like the story isn’t complete. But instead of telling you more, it leaves you to weave possible futures. Usually I’m frustrated reading a story like this, but Cyn ends her novels in a way that leaves you staring at the pages at such a wonderful story in shock.


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