My Blog Resolutions

I noticed that a lot of other blogs out there were doing this so I told myself “why not?” This was my first year in blogging and I can say that I’ve learned a lot and have gotten better at doing this. A week or two ago I was looking through all my posts. Man, were my posts horrible in the beginning. Honestly, I can’t wait for the New Year. New books, movies, music, opportunities and memories are coming. So bring it, 2011!

  • More Posts

If you’ve noticed, I had a few ‘Now Featuring’ weeks and I really hope to do more. My goal for the New Year is to post every other day. Haha, I just need to think of things to post about now xD

  • More Giveaways

I love giving people the opportunity to win stuff! I also have things to give away. But I don’t have a job and only get money on occasion so I have no money to ship things. Hopefully I’ll get some money or think of another idea…

  • More Author Interviews

I like talking to authors and hearing questions answered by them. A lot of blogs do this and I want to get more author interviews for you guys.

  • Try New Things

I have the usual, reviews and other thoughts. Maybe this year I’ll try vlogging or maybe other creative ideas people talk about. Who knows…

So lemme ask you guys, what do you want to see from me?! And for those who blog, what are your resolutions?


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