Best Books

I bet you are all waiting for this one ^_^ This is my last Best post, and of course I saved the best for last! Here are the top three books I have read this year. These books have come out before or in 2010. A lot of people tell you to comment with your faves of the year, and every single time I answered with one of these three. You all should definitely check them out if you have not read them!

Beauty by Robin McKinley

Truth be told, I haven’t even finished this book. But I am so close to ending that I doubt I’ll be dissapointed with the ending. This story is a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. Robin McKinley does such a phenomenal job. The writing is enchanting and the story pulls you in. I really do feel like I’m in the fairytale.

The Clearing by Heather Davis

With me bawling my eyes out, the ending is what really got me. Not only is the idea of the novel something like no other, it really is a beautiful, touching read.

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Helloooo Nicholas Sparks! Can you please write me a boyfriend?! Gah. This was the second book I have read by him, and I couldn’t help but feel every emotion the characters felt. I laughed, cried and understood their pain. I question whether or not he is actually making his stories up…

So tell me, what are your favorite novels of the year?! C’mon, I know you have some!


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