Best Memories

Every year there are always those moments that stand out to you. I am really thankful to say that there are quite a few memories I have. So here are a few!

Meeting Allstar Weekend

I’ve seen them twice in concert and each time I have a ton of fun! Not to mention the four members are the sweetest, funniest guys ever! Allstar Weekend has amazing music and they are really good people. You can’t help but love them ❤

Finishing NaNoWriMo

Really, 2,000 words a day doesn’t seem like that much when you hear about it, but it really is when you are writing. I started the month off with friends who were attempting to reach the goal. The month was torture. With school, activities, reading and other things I frequently stayed up late to reach the word goal. In the end I ended up getting to 50 thousand words a day early. I am so proud of myself ! ^_^

Penguin Insiders

Yeah. Totally flipped when I found out. There are about twenty-something of us and I feel really special to be in this group. We’ve only had one meeting but another one is scheduled in January. I’ve met some great people and really am thankful for this opportunity. It’s REALLY cool to be in a conference room in a publishing building in NYC.

Also my parents are really happy to see me in this. We are the first group that Penguin has started, so I’m honored to be a guinea pig. I know there are great things to come!


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