Best Songs

It’s Monday! So today is all about music. Here are my top three best songs of the year. Each of these songs came out in 2010!

Number 3: Feelin Alive by the Jonas Brothers

 Whenever I listen to this song, it brings back memories of the summer. I attend a bunch of concerts and do so many memorable things with my friends that I wish it was summer all of the time. I make the best of the moment. This song is about letting the worries go for the night and have the time of your life. For me it’s uplifting and brings a smile everytime I listen to it.

Number 2: Here With You by Allstar Weekend

 This song is actually older than it appears. I’m one of the earlier Allstar Weekend fans, so I know the old version and the new version. The newer version was recently released on their new album Suddenly Yours. It’s my favorite song by them. First, I love Zach’s voice. Also the lyrics are so sweet. It’s catchy and gets stuck in my head all of the time (which is a good thing). Me being a fangirl that is in love with a ton of celebrities, I always dream about spending the day with all these stars. And the whole poster analogy reminds me of my love for all the guy celebs I’m in love with (Jonas Brothers, Allstar Weekend, etc). Favorite line in the song is “You’re taped to my wall like you’re glued to my brain.”

Number 1: Enchanted by Taylor Swift

Honestly, this song beat out every other one I had listened to this year. I love Taylor Swift. And at first I actually didn’t like this song that much. To me it was too repetitive and I don’t always go for the slower songs. But I put it on and really listened to the lyrics and fell in love with it. This song tells a story that keeps you wondering at the end. It’s not happy-ever-after; it’s reality.

It tells about a girl who meets a guy and is enchanted to meet him and so she spends all her time wondering about him. She never ends up seeing the guy again in the song and I think that is what really touches me. I feel that a lot of girls are in that position. Being enchanted could be something from a harmless crush to love, but that feeling is there. I can put this song on repeat and listen to it all day without getting bored. Taylor captures my emotion every single time it plays, and that’s when you know it’s a great song.

Yeah, as you can tell I listen to the more innocent-Disney-cookie cutter stuff. But that’s fine with me. Most of you snickered when looking at this post and that is fine with me. So tell me, what are your fave songs for the year?


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