Popularity: Positives & Negatives

We all know that one book or series that becomes popular. And when I say popular, I mean POPULAR. As in the whole world knows and that you cannot walk five feet without hearing something about that novel. Hellooo, look at Harry Potter and Twilight. Both are series that have gained worldwide phenomenon. They have movies, clothing, parodies and other various items that would take me days to name.

A lot of people wish for their book to be that popular. Of course not everyone, but it would be so awesome to see your novel everywhere. But popularity has its ups and its downs. You all most likely know these ups and downs, but here they are again:


  • Worth the Read

What I mean is that there has to be something about the novel to become that popular. The read isn’t going to be another boring, cliché book. So if everyone else is talking about it, you are most likely going to want to read it too if it is that amazing.

  • Different POVs

More people will have read the book/series and have different ideas about it. If you have not read the novel, people’s thoughts will help you decide whether or not you want to read it. Also people will have different views on certain things, and it can change your thoughts about a certain part or character.

  • Everyone will know what you are talking about. I don’t know about you guys, but I love discussing novels. The more the merrier!

I love talking about books. My friends and I can spend hours talking about a series and never get bored. If there are more people that know what you’re talking about, you are most likely going to have more discussions

  • If it is a novel you truly do love, it is awesome to see all these products come out for it.

I’m talking about more than just bookmarks and swag. If the book is being turned into a movie, it is guaranteed that there will be t-shirts and other various things. It’s cool to see what comes out!


  • Overdone

If it is of a certain genre or has certain supernatural creatures, then other people start to get popular if their book or show is about the same thing. Not gonna lie, but it gets really annoying after a while seeing a billion of the same things that are being shown in different ways.

  • Enough is Enough

Usually they start coming out with too many products or too many different things that you cannot go anywhere without seeing something related to said novel-turned-into-movie. People just get sick of it.

  • Makes you change

I know people who no longer like Twilight and Harry Potter because the books/movies have become too popular. Don’t do this. Yes, it might get annoying that you see it everywhere. But if you like the book, you shouldn’t hate it because everyone else likes it. The novel is an author’s work and you liked it once. There is a difference between growing out of it and just deciding to hate it. Don’t hate something for no reason.

So do you guys understand what I’m getting at?! Seriously, no one should hate a novel because of its popularity. I’d love to hear what you all think!


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