Pointers on Writing a NYT Bestseller

Here are some things to remember when writing your novel…if you want to make it on the New York Times Bestselling list:-Cynical, reclusive, shy girls are what guys are most attracted to.
-There are a million ways to ruin the lives of a group of bitchy girls.
-Just put Nicholas Sparks, J.K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyers names’ on the cover.
-Supernatural guys are wayyyy hotter than normal guys.
-Make all your stereotypical characters overly exaggerated and flat as a sheet of paper.
-Kill off every single character besides the protagonist.
-Make sure all of the males are so perfect that they are nowhere close to being realistic.
-If two guys are competing for a girl’s heart, remember the best friend ALWAYS loses.
-Remember to end with a dramatic cliff hanger so people are bound to buy the sequal. By doing this, you’ll be guarenteed to make it on the Bestselling list again.

Hopefully following these tips will catapult you to #1 !  😉


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