Guest Post: Good vs. Bad

Good vs. Bad
[Guest Post by Leigh]

Today, I have one of my friends Leigh writing a post. A few weeks ago, I was asking her if she would choose the good or bad guy because it was right after I finished Lisa Desrochers Personal Demons. And she started to explain about how girls originally chose the bad guy blah blah blah, and so I asked her to just write a guest post because I thought she portrayed her reason interestingly. And so here’s her post!

Recently, Alison asked me “Angels or demons; which one would you choose?” I thought for a minute before giving my response on analyzing humanistic tendencies. But she realized it was incredibly long, so she told me to just write it down. And here it is.

The thing about choosing between the “heaven and hell”, “good and evil”, “light and dark”  or “angel and demon”, is that you automatically know which is the RIGHT answer (whichever is the symbol of good/light at the moment). The thing you don’t always recognize however, or the thing that you don’t want to admit, is that you, just as you reply with that right answer, you regret it a little because the darker choice is also appealing and mysterious. Reflect; as a human being, you’re always attracted to the dark, the evil side of things. If this wasn’t true, would there ever be any villains in books? No Darth Vader (Star Wars), no Capitol (The Hunger Games). Would there be any bad people? Or symmetric themes in religion, such as Lucifer in the Bible?

There is always that flip side of the coin that you’re never allowed to explore, and human nature, being a curious and not completely angelic thing, draws you to it. Take teen girls, for instance. They are always drawn, for some span of time, to “bad boys”. That is, until they learn why they shouldn’t like bad boys and resort back to the clean-cut type that society approves of. Just as the hot bad boys in life and the sometimes attractive antagonists in literature exemplify, human nature is to do bad things, to go to that bad side; but society keeps us coming back. Some books, such as The Hunger Games no longer have a society like that, so their evil Capitol thrives.

My answer, Alison, is that I would choose the demon, because, let’s face it, evil dudes are just so much more attractive… IF I could go back to the angel after I get tired of being evil. Otherwise I would choose the Angel, since I know that’s the “right” choice and will probably serve me better in the long run, since angels are nicer and all… But I would probably wonder about the demon forever after.

Okay, so Leigh said that she would go with the bad guy first. As tempting as that sounds, I wouldn’t fall into the trap. I would probably choose the good guy just because I’m that kind of person.

Now tell me, what side would you choose?


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