Fun Fridays: One Word

Fun Fridays: One Word

Have you ever tried making up stories with your friends? Yeah, well this take on it brings it the next level up.

All you need is a pen and paper, and friends to make up an amusing story. It doesn’t always have to be amusing, but most of the time it ends up that way xD This version is different though. Start with one person and have them only write one word. Then pass it around, having each person only write one word. Build a story from that and see where it goes.

Yeah. Things get pretty interesting when you’re only able to write one word down.

The best part about this game is that you can do it anywhere. Don’t have paper and pen? No problem! Ipod touches have a notepad where you can type your story up. You can text the story back and forth, or even say it out loud.  It’s easy to play and you don’t need a certain amount of time. Play it while waiting for a table at a restaurant or on the bus. Be creative and have fun!

Two of my friends and I waited a half and hour to eat one night at Applebee’s, and here’s the story that we came up with (Please excuse the grammar issues). It ended up not really becoming a story though…

 In my bed there are pig intestines. Yum. Gross! “Why are they moving?!” Poking pigs, I stifle tears while yodeling songs.

“You are weird!”

“So are boys :)”


Kicking the guy in the balls, he cursed like bananas and cream.

“Hell yea!”

Monkeys doing drugs are so funky. But they fly in cars and submarines. They text too. They were rainbow colored! Poop was on their heads. That’s so amusing. They taste like candy 😉 Panties on my head! Stripes are smexy. Oh my potatoes!  I lurve your bras.



I rip a toilet in the middle of the street! I hop up and don’t come down! That’s not natural! Twinkles are for everyone except Teresa! WTF?!?! You know you love me!!!!! NO. I DON’T. I HOPE U DIE. Omg I’m going to go cry now I hope your happy!!!! 






The walrus sings at midnight. Literally.

Hahahaha I get that!! And other people don’t. Hahaha sucks to be them!!!!

Spazzle Dazzle! The duck goes moo. I go quack.

Wait so are you a cow I’m confused!!

I live in a donut hut!

Yeah, I know, that was pretty interesting. But this is what happens when three teenagers are bored at like 10:30 at night waiting for a table. Haha ! So go make a story and post them! I’d love to read them all!

Happy Friday !


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