Guest Post: Your Reading Speed

How fast do you read?

Today we have one of my friends from her blog Next in Show! She’s one of my good friends that also enjoys books as much as I do. So I asked her if she would like to join me on a post. And our topic today is reading speed. So…Are you a fast reader? A slow one? Or does it vary?!

Honestly, I think I read pretty quickly. All of my friends say I read super fast too. On average, I could probably read a few books a week and get a lot done in a month. Currently, I get about 6-10 books a month. Not a whole lot, but definitely more than some people I know. When I entered the blogosphere, I was amazed hearing some people had finished their twenty-something book for the month! Now that is insane reading!

I read differently every time, though. Usually, I read quickly because I cannot put the book down. Sometimes it’s because I really can’t wait for the book to be over. I know in school I sometimes skim the words to get as much read as I can in the two seconds before class begins. Even though I skim, I usually end up taking in a lot from looking over the words. Skimming to me is reading, just doing it a lot more quickly in an erratic way of looking at random words…

But it doesn’t matter how fast you read. As long as you’re enjoying the book you’re reading in a pace that is comfortable for you, then it’s fine! Don’t ever feel pressured to read faster or slower just because someone’s saying something to you.

[R from Next in Show]

I can finish a *good* book of medium novel length in…oh, 3-5 hours? But WAIT-how long is that? I’m talking…one of Sarah Dessen’s longer novels, a Hunger Games book, or even the first Harry Potter. I retain a fair amount of information when a book sucks me in…unless it was just released. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous, but if I’m practically desperate to get to the end, I very nearly skim and scan, subconsciously. In fact, when the seventh Harry Potter book came out, and I finally got my hands on it, I finished it in five hours (9pm – 2am. I’m a night owl.). Only problem was, I actually downright missed an ENTIRE scene of the book, when Mrs. Weasley and Bellatrix Lestrange have it out, near the end. My Mom asked me what I thought about the scene, and I actually said “When did that happen?”

Now, enough about myself. I have several friends who take a while longer to read a book (some a few days, some a few weeks!) and I have come to the decision that if I read really less quickly then I do….I would most likely end up reading faster in frustration. As lovely as books are, and as much as I love them, I’m not sure if I could bear waiting, say, 21 days until I got to the end of any one book.

What brought this subject on? Speed, in general. If I can read quickly, I sure hope I can write quickly! I, as well as Alison (Lost In Believing), am doing the NaNoWriMo challenge. And I plan on winning. So, look out for bookstar in the forums because that’s me! And if you feel like making me an awesome cover, well, awe, you shouldn’t have!


Just kidding, guys! I’m a guest here, and I don’t wanna over stay my welcome, so I hope you enjoyed this little piece of my ramblings. In the comments below, could you guys answer a question I have? How fast do YOU read??? Just curious. Thanks, and goodnight 😉

~Next in Show

So leave us a comment telling us how fast you read!


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