Personal Demons Song Suggestions

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For all of you that has read Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers, are you TEAM LUC or TEAM GABE?!

I’m TEAM GABE. But that’s not why I’m posting. I was going through my Ipod and found a song that fit both of the wonderful boys in Lisa’s novel. For those of you who don’t know, Gabe is an angel and Luc is a demon. If you wanna know more, go and read Personal Demons ! My review will be up soon, but in the mean time here are two songs that reminds me of these guys!

Luc: Kiss and Sell – the Maine

Some lyrics:

She’s makin’ it harder, harder to breathe
I’m gettin’ weaker, so pullin’ the strings

The lights are all lost, there’s no one around
We’ve both lost our minds, nowhere to be found
It’s gettin’ hot, I’m not saying this is hell
but I swear, this girl’s a mess you could sell

She won’t kiss and tell, but this isn’t hell
She got that name, it all seem like a game
How she is so well, I won’t call this hell
If I had to guess, I’d say we’ve got a mess you could sell

How can you not see how well this fits Luc?! I’m trying to write this without giving anything away, but I’m pretty sure it makes sense if you have read the book. Luc is pretty much hell (helloooo, he’s a demon!). He is put in the mortal world in goals of trying to tag Frannie’s soul for hell, but things get in the way. He ends up liking her more than he should and the lyrics are saying “I won’t call this hell.” Well obviously he wouldn’t ! The ending line also talks relates to how big of a mess that they all get into. Go read the book and then check this song out and tell me what you think!

Gabe: Off the Chain – Selena Gomez

Some lyrics:

Just keep the magic coming,
You’ve got me baby crushing,
But it feels like so much more.
Just when,
When I least expected,
You make it feel so epic,
Like nothing I’ve felt before

A thousand church bells ringing,
I can hear the angels singing,
When you call my name,
Your love is off the chain.

The chemistry is crazy,
And you make me feel amazing,
And I can’t explain,
Your love is off the chain.

Frannie explains that when she is with Gabe, it feels like a heavenly love is blissfully entering all of her senses. Gabe is an angel, so that definitely has something to do with the eternal love thing. The lyrics explain the way Frannie feels with Gabe. The lyrics have words like ‘church,’ ‘angel’ and ‘love’ in it that just pretty much screams, you know, HEAVEN, at you. It’s definitely a Gabe song xD

Your thoughts?!


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