Managing Time

If you haven’t realized, this post is on *insert drum roll here* TIME! We all have things to do and deadlines to meet. Some of us manage our time well and others don’t even know where to begin. Believe me; I’ve been in both situations. Ad I know that it’s much easier when you’re focused and determined to get things done. I don’t know about any of you, but I absolutely hate having the pressure of needing to get stuff done.


We all get it. Doesn’t matter if you go to school or have a job. There is always work to be done and papers to be filled out and tests to study/get ready for.

  • Don’t let it build up.

We all think that because it’s due a certain day, we have that many days to get it done. Well guess what? Sometimes when we put it off, we forget that we have or we just don’t feel like doing it. Eventually a bunch of things are all due on that same day that seemed like ages from now. And then you’re stuck. Try to get things done or at least the first day or two that it was assigned. Remember, the more you do the less you have left to complete.

  • Don’t get frustrated.

We’ve all also had those times where we just can’t seem to focus. There are also those days where we aren’t in a good mood or frankly just don’t understand the concept. Take breaks between your work and study times to keep you from getting upset or frustrated because you’re not getting it done. You’ll get it done, just take your time.


If you are an avid reader like me, you NEED your time to read the book that you’ve been trying to get through for the past few days. Reading is an escape from real life and an enjoyment. No matter how busy I am, I try to read at least for a half an hour each day.

  • Bring a book everywhere you.

All of my friends that like to read usually have a book in their bag when I see them in school. I didn’t bring books to school because I always thought I would never have time to read them or that there would be too much talking for me to focus. Oh how wrong I was. School’s good for reading. At the end of tests, before class starts and even in those extra few minutes when nothing is happening and you have no one to talk too. I started bringing books to school and got about fifty or so pages done without missing any lesson!

Your Free Time:

Everyone loves this. I consider my part of the day free if I am the one deciding what I’m going to do. And it only counts if it doesn’t have to do with school, work, sport/team/club, or something that you are doing for a friend. I actually have a lot of free time (well, if I get all of my homework done). I hope that you also get a lot of free time once in a while, even if you don’t have any now. It’s good to have time for yourself.

  • Plan things ahead.

Yeah, a lot of decisions are made at the last minute. But sometimes it’s smart to know what you’re going to do instead of just sitting there debating what to do. You end of saving your time and using it wisely.

  • Have fun. Relax. Chill.

This is just my opinion, but I think all of our downtime should be stress free! Yeah of course there is always worries in the back of your head, but for the time they should be pushed away. Do something fun, or fulfilling. Do something that YOU want to do !

I really do hope that this helps someone! Remember to manage your time wisely 🙂


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