Coffee Cup Change

Coffee Cup + Change = ?

I bet you’re all wondering what this is about. Does anyone want to take a guess?! I mean, the title pretty much speaks for itself.

My church has started to do this, but this has nothing to do with religion. This post is all about being a good person. In Coffeehouse Angel, Katrina is a good person because she gives a homeless man a warm drink and something to much on. Now tell me, if that happened to you would you do it? I would definitely help out! I’ve done tons of charity work and this is what has brought me to post this.

Every week, adults (and kids) spend about ten dollars (give or take) a week from buying coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. It’s that drink you grab before you start your day off. That’s a few dollars a day, not including the pastries you pick up. This is where I encourage you guys to do something.

Take a coffee cup. Doesn’t matter what kind, just make sure it’s some form of cup. During the week, try not to buy a drink at least once a day. Place the money you would spend for your coffee in that cup. Eventually, the money adds up. And if you keep yourself from buying each day, that just adds more to the pile. Once you’ve accumulated enough money, you can donate it to a charity, church or orginization that needs the money.

I bet you’re all saying “Why would I do that?” Well, I’m asking you “Why wouldn’t you do that?” Whatever you buy may have sugar in it. And woohoo! If you don’t buy it for a day, that just makes you even more healthy for not eating it! I don’t know about you, but helping others makes me feel good. I feel like I’ve helped a significant amount. Katrina feels good for helping out someone! Just think about how much you could help out. Someone, somewhere, is in need. The money you donate could end up being used to buy books for children…You never know.

I hope you all liked today’s post. It’s good to be a nice person 🙂


3 thoughts on “Coffee Cup Change

  1. I *love* this post. It really is a brilliant two-fer: doing good and being healthy. What’s not to like??

    As for the “bring a coffee cup with you”. I just found out Starbucks gives you 10¢ off if you bring your own cup, so you should bring 2 coffee cups with you for when you “must” indulge.

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