Frozen Favorites

Frozen Favorites

Today, I’m talking about the frozen favorites from popular coffee place chains. In Coffeehouse Angel, the coffee shops are all run by family businesses. But what about the chain places? I bet at least one of you out there has that special little cozy place they go and sit down to have a warm drink and a snack. Unfortunately, I don’t. I haven’t come across a place like that, but I hope in the future I will! I have always wanted to be able to just walk in and order ‘the usual.’ Since that isn’t happening now, I only have the big places to talk about.

I’m focusing on the frozen favorites. Yepp. No hot drinks today! I know its fall time and all, but I can’t seem to get myself out of the summer spirit. Cold drinks are for warm summer days or as a treat for completing a goal of some sort. C’mon, admit! You love them too 🙂

Dunkin Donuts:

Favorite: Coolatta !

Why: Just because. It’s a blend of sugary juice and fine ice specks that hits the right spots on the day you’re craving something sweet and cold. The coffee Coollatta is actually really good. I’m not too fond of coffee, and yet I could drink this all day! It’s like an iced coffee, but better!


Favorite: Frappacino !

Why: Frappacinos are a blissful creamy frozen treat. It’s not too sweet or heavy. It’s like drinking a cloud if it was made out of ice cream. Yeah, I went there. I mean, just imagine the light, fluffy clouds made out of ICE CREAM. Except Frappacinos are made out of milk and whatever your choice is. This whole time I’ve been talking about the cream ones. But Starbucks does have a variety of coffee ones too!

I did have more but unfortunately, I had to cut this post short 😦 Any other favorites you guys have?!


2 thoughts on “Frozen Favorites

  1. Darn you! I’d never heard of Coolattas. Now I feel the need to try them.

    I lost a little over 10 pounds because of Starbucks Frappacinos. I *adore* them. Because they’re so pricey and calorie intense I’d limit myself to one/month and I always got the same one: caramel. Then, back in May, they were HALF PRICE for 10 days!! So every day I bought a different flavor to see if my favorite flavor was really the best (it was). But I knew if I did that I’d gain 1000 pounds, which my chubby body really couldn’t handle. So I calculated how far I’d have to ride my bike to burn off the calories: 10 miles! It was daunting, but the reward, a yummy frappacino, was worth it so I did it.

    The cool thing is that after the promotion was over, I realized biking 10 miles wasn’t all that bad and kept on riding every day (and getting faster, burning even more calories) and voila! I lost weight! I’m back to a size 6 and even broke down and bought new clothes, in the hope I’d keep it off.

    So I really owe Starbucks.

    • Yesss! Frappacinos are sooooooooo yummmy! Hmm, the caramel one sounds good! I’ve really only had the cream ones though. So I’m gonna have to try that!

      That’s awesome that you excersized (haha did I spell that right?!) Gah, I have to start doing that!

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