Today I Turn 15 !

Yep! I’m no longer 14! Yay!

Haha so if you haven’t figured it out yet, yes, today is my birthday 🙂 I’ve had a wonderful day, thanks to my friends and family! My friends decorated my locker at school and made me cake and all those other fun things friends do. I also got hugs, birthday wishes and free ice cream. Who doesn’t love free ice cream?! Haha! Being 15 has been great so far. I actually didn’t like being 14. It’s hard since most of my friends are a year older than me. Being around them makes me feel like a baby, and feeling too young isn’t that fun.

I’m 15 and fully into young adult novels (if you haven’t guessed). Let’s look into the things that I used to read:

Elementary School

Middle School


I actually read more young adult novels like Sarah Mylinowski and Suzanne Collins too. But I read a lot of things during my middle school years, and I’ve noticed that I’ve progressed a lot. Going up levels is exciting and at each one there is always a lot more new material to get your hands on!


Did you guys ever read any of those earlier titles?! 

Honestly, I didn’t progress that much from the beginning of 8th grade to where I am now, except that I read a ton more. Reading has always been a huge part of my life and I’m thankful to the new book world I’ve entered on here! Being 15 is still young, but I’m still making my way in life! I really can’t wait to see where I go in the book world ! Love you all ❤

**Reminder, my contest ends tomorrow. Enter here.


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