Song of the Week: Mine!

Yep! It’s Monday again. And that means more MUSIC ! Yay!

This week I’m featuring a song by most girls’ idol- TAYLOR SWIFT! Yepp! That’s right! ‘Mine’ is my song of the week!

Taylor does it again! At first I wasn’t too sure about how I thought about the music video. But I watched it again and it’s really cute! It’s not my favorite of hers, but it’s still fabulous! Taylor is one of the most popular females stars of our generation. And that’s mostly because she has the guts to be brutally honest. She says what every girl wants to say when they’ve been hurt. She’s definitely one of my idols.

I actually went to see her a few months ago. Taylor is one of the most amazing people in the world. She sang in the crowd and had to walk all the way from the back of the arena to her stage. Guess what she did?! She called every single girl she hugged beautiful! Talk about such an inspirational person! I love Taylor Swift, and nothing is every going to change that. ❤


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