Where I Totally Freak Out in Happiness

So yesterday was my first day of school. I didn’t exactly enjoy it, considering I don’t have any of my friends in classes and one of my teacher totally freaks me out. There’s also this student teacher who reminds me of Ezra from Pretty Little Liars, so that was interesting… But I came home to find a package addressed to me. I didn’t read the address of who it was from. And I’m glad I didn’t, or it would have totally ruined the surprise. I opened the package to find this:

*Squeal* Earlier this summer Penguin was accepting teens to be apart of their Penguin Teen Insiders. And if you were accpeted, you would get books to review and get news on all the latest things in the publishing world. You would also be asked to come into the Penguin building in NYC and have meetings and stuff. In other words, it’s like being VIP. So obviously, I submitted to be apart of it. They said they were choosing their Insiders at the end of August. I thought I would be getting an email if I was accepted, so I was trying not to get my hopes up if I wasn’t accepted. But it was a very nice surprise from Penguin to get this instead!



Ah, so awesome! I mean seriously! *Squeals again* But the best surprise I think was this:

I was so confused because I pulled this out of the package first. But it all made sense when I read the papers xD.

Yay! So yeah, I am super excited to be part of the team. Thank you Penguin!


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