My Thoughts on Mockingjay (Spoiler Free) !

My Thoughts on Mockingjay (Spoiler Free) !

Yeah, so guess what?! I finished MOCKINGJAY! Yeah it took me a few days to actually read it, but I finally know what happens! And this is my post to discuss what I liked / disliked about it without actually spoiling anything. If you haven’t read it yet, you are able to read this! If you have read it, please email or tweet me to talk!

Let’s get started, shall we?

I was super excited to start this book (who wasn’t?). Because I got the book three days after it had released, I was hearing different things about the book. There were people who loved it and people who were disappointed. I was afraid of something totally unexpected to happen like the Breaking Dawn issue. But like most books that are the last in the series, I had no idea what to expect.

Reading the first two parts of the book, I wasn’t exactly sure whether I loved it or not. Yeah, I liked it, but I couldn’t figure whether I was actually enjoying it. The beginning was slow. Things happened that made you think about it for a little. Characters changed. It was interesting, but it was something no one expected. After reading the first two parts, I was so afraid of being disappointed. Because it sucks when you are so excited for the book because you loved the others and it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Fortunately though, the last part of the book made everything better. Many people actually didn’t enjoy the ending, but I loved it. Things didn’t go the way that you would think, but I think that’s why it made it better for me. It was realistic. The ending showed the audience that even in Katniss’s world, things didn’t work out the way you want them too. If you realize, most books go the way the character plans which makes it ‘perfect’. I think that having the book not perfect made the book better.

I do have to say that the epilogue shocked me. It was written in such a simple and sweet way that I had to love it, even though I don’t know if I enjoyed what had happened. But I feel that the ending fit the book. This isn’t technically a book review, but I’d give Mockingjay 4 out of 5 hearts.

What did you think of the book?


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