In Which I Blog About My Week & Other Giveaways

So it’s August 😛 I have a few weeks left until I have to go back to the dreaded building known as ‘school’. But with my last few freedoms of summer, I’ve actually been super busy. I’m going to concerts and hanging with friends and doing things that I love to do. So I haven’t been able to read a lot. I’m readin the Last Song by Nicholas Sparks as my summer reading. I was lucky enough to have the chance to choose my book, and so I chose that one. It is a phenomenal read! Go pick it up if you haven’t read it yet.

This week I was actually helping out at Six Flags Great Adventure for my friend Stephanie Hanvey. She’s an upcoming singer. And she was a finalist in the Fames, Fortune & Flags contest. She had to go on stage and perform against two other groups. The boy band JLS and Hot Chelle Rae ended up being the judges. And guess what?! She won. Now all she needs to do is be chosen by the corporate judges to be the grand prize winner 🙂

And yesterday I went to the city to see Josh Golden. I ended up seeing Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice along with him too. And I met Victoria and Josh. I love Josh Golden so I pretty much freaked. Yesterday was really amazing.

Today I’m going to a Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato concert. I’m obsessed with them, so it’s going to be insane. And after today, my week won’t be as amazing anymore. But then comes next week and it starts all over again…

How’s your week been?

I’m also going to blog about a giveaway I found roaming around the book blogging world. In Which A Girl Reads is hosting an AMAZING contest here. I’m actually jealous of her of how amazing this is. Go enter!


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