Ramona and Beezus Movie Review

Ramona and Beezus Movie Review

On Tuesday, I was one of the lucky kids who got to go to an advanced screening of Ramona and Beezus! I also got to meet the stars, so it was pretty awesome! This book is for kids, and even though all of my friend’s have read this book, I have not. So I can’t compare the movie to the book.

Ramona (Joey King) and Beezus (Selena Gomez) are your average sisters. Throughout the movie, I kept thinking that I would do the exact same thing to my younger sister in the situation they were in. Ramona is a creative, energetic 9-year-old who doesn’t let other people get in her way. When she wants to get to a goal, she’s going to accomplish it. She imagines things wilder, scarier, and funnier than they are in real life. Beezus is your average teen who makes fun of her siblings and wants to fit in and be seen by the cute boy (Henry). And gosh, is Henry cuteee!

The plot of the movie is really good. It’s cliché, but there were things that I didn’t expect to happen. But when you put it in the POV of a 9 year old, it gets interesting. This is pretty much Ramona’s story of what happens when her father loses his job while no one understands her. Joey King is a new comer, and I think she does a fabulous job! I give this movie 5 star!

And here’s Hutch Dano (Henry). Henry plays Beezus’ love interest. My friend’s and I were lucky enough to run into him in the theater ❤


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