Giveaways on Other Blogs

Now I really want to do a giveaway. But I can’t for a few reasons. One, is that I have no money. So even if I had a prize, I don’t know how much it would cost to ship since things can get pretty pricey. Two, is that right now I don’t have anything to give away. I do have some gently read books if you guys would like, but still. I’m actually putting together a contest now. My birthday is in September, so I’m hoping to do a book swag giveaway around then. I’ve been collecting my swag 😀

But anyways, this post is for the awesome giveaways that all of the other bloggers around the blogsphere do. I would love to join them. And I most certainly will one day. The giveaway I’m blogging about right now is happening here => Frankie is giving away Linger. LINGER ! I dare you to go enter. And if you do, please say I sent you 🙂

I loved Shiver. I read it last October, so I don’t really remember it since my memory fades really easily. And when you read a billion books, they all manage to jumble together…Anyways, Sam was adorable and Grace was cool. The story was really touching and I know that in the end it made me cry. Now if I were to cast the two main charactes, I would cast Logan Lerman as Sam and Demi Lovato as Grace.



2 thoughts on “Giveaways on Other Blogs

  1. Nice casting on Sam and Grace! And I’ve found through experience on my blog that it costs about $3.00 to ship a t-shirt sized envelope to anywhere in the continental US and about $7.00 to ship internationally. Just FYI. It can get expensive when you have multiple winners, though.
    Here from the CEP.

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